Unmasking the Remaining Contestants on The Masked Singer: Who’s Still in the Game?

Step by Step: How to Figure Out Who Is Still on The Masked Singer

Are you hooked on The Masked Singer? Do you find yourself eagerly anticipating each new episode to find out which celebrity – or rather, which masked celebrity – will be unmasked next?

Then surely you’ve experienced the nail-biting suspense of trying to figure out who exactly is behind the mask. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you unravel the mystery.

Step 1: Identify Vocal Characteristics

The first and most obvious clue to figuring out who a particular masked singer might be is by identifying their vocal characteristics. By focusing on nuances in tone, timbre, and pitch, you can start building a list of possible candidates that match those specific markers.

While this may seem like a straightforward task, keep in mind that many celebrities have also undergone voice training or may have naturally adaptable vocal skills. It’s crucial not to jump too quickly to conclusions based solely on vocals alone.

Step 2: Analyze Costumes and Clues

One important aspect of The Masked Singer is that every costume and set piece holds clues to the identity of each singer. Pay close attention to any symbols or motifs on their costumes, as well as any subtle references they may make during interviews.

A keen eye for detail can go a long way when piecing together all these various pieces of information.

Step 3: Break Down Song Choice

Song choice can be another important indicator when it comes down to guessing just who’s behind the mask. For instance, if someone chooses a song written by an artist they’re associated with professionally or personally, then it becomes easier to narrow down potential identities.

Additionally, pay attention to song delivery; does their interpretation lean towards how the original artist performed it? This could point audibly towards tight artistic relationships within select musical genres/signatures readily recognizable by experts partaking in this endeavor – musicologists immediately come to mind.

Step 4: Listen To Speech Patterns

Sometimes, catching what someone says outside of their singing could also offer clues to figuring out who’s behind the mask. Speech patterns, accents or intonation are key, and any brief snippets of conversation on-screen should be carefully noted, especially as they may hint at hometowns, regional or foreign language skills that could point one in certain directions when interpreting clues.

For instance, say a masked singer breaks into song mid-conversation and you’re suspecting it is popular R&B artist Brian McKnight because the style is uncanny – however, your subject-verb agreement radar goes off their speech delivery which points at them being public servants or school teachers. In these instances don’t ignore factors outside their singing until they are unmasked.

Step 5: Social Media Sleuthing

If all else fails in terms of identifying a particular star under the mask by careful analysis of vocal characteristics and paying close attention to contextual factors such as costumes and song choice, turning to social media can be useful. By searching for hashtags related to the show or specific singers who’ve already been unmasked (for instance), avid fans may share knowledge gained from watching live performances where judges leave hints that fly over most viewers’ heads.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion : mastering these steps takes some dedication and sharp analytical thinking when watching “The Masked Singer”. Nonetheless success is worth its reward as fans feel apart of a community invested in solving each reveal mystery from week-to-week.

Remember only one person can truly ever identify each masked celebrity; individual votes cast via app-based platforms so keep playing along at home whilst perhaps sharing tips with those more intrigued than adept themselves would strengthen camaraderie for any new viewers joining in late during season broadcasts. Happy decoding!

FAQ – Everything You Need to Know About Who Is Still on The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer is back with its fifth season and it’s full of surprises! What started as a quirky Korean TV show has now become an international sensation. Its unique concept features celebrities hiding behind elaborate costumes while performing hit songs, all while judges and audience members attempt to guess their identities. With each episode leaving us in suspense about who will be unmasked next, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about the current season, so let’s dive in!

1. Who are the celebrities behind the masks?
As usual, The Masked Singer isn’t giving away any hints on who is behind each costume until they’re eliminated from the competition. This means we’ll have to keep guessing based on their singing styles, mannerisms, and occasional clues provided by the show.

2. How many contestants are there this season?
This time around, we have 10 contestants including Black Swan, Chameleon, Yeti, Seashell, Crab, Grandpa Monster, Phoenix Piglet Raccoon and Russian Dolls.

3. Which celebrity has been unmasked so far?
So far we’ve seen two contenders leave The Masked Singer stage: Kermit The Frog was revealed to be snail under his colorful shell and Caitlyn Jenner was exposed as Phoenix.

4. Can anyone participate in The Masked Singer?
In theory yes! However due to this being such a high-profile production limited spaces are available for only well-known celebrities or those deemed suitable by producers/executives alike.

5. How do judges make their guesses?
Judges use a combination of clues given before performances supported by performances themselves (costumes/mannerisms replicated). Based on these hints they come up with possible celebrity names whilst offering helpful feedback & critiques every week regardless of whether or not their guess is correct.

6. What prizes are at stake for the winner?
The grand prize typically involves bragging rights plus other perks like album or TV show deals, and of course a bizarre shiny Masked Singer trophy!

7. When does the season finale air?
Season 5 finale airs on May 26th! We anticipate seeing the remaining masked singers pull out all the stops as they are getting closer to revealing their identities.

Despite The Masked Singer formula never changing, producers still managed to make each new season unique in its own way with elaborate and creative costumes that are just a joy to watch. With plenty of celebs still hiding behind masks, we’re excited for what’s yet to come this season. Hopefully our FAQ has cleared up any confusion you may have had about who’s still left in The Masked Singer and if not… stay tuned!

The Top 5 Must-Know Facts About Who Is Still on The Masked Singer

As one of the most popular TV shows on air, The Masked Singer has taken the world by storm with its eclectic mix of music, celebrity talent and mystery. With contestants donning elaborate costumes and singing their hearts out every week, it’s hard not to get excited about who might be under those masks.

As the season progresses, viewers are left guessing as to who might be behind each costume. But despite all the mystery surrounding this show, there are some must-know facts about who is still hiding behind those fabulous disguises. Here are our top 5 picks:

1) The Leopard – This fancy feline is definitely turning heads with his regal demeanor and silky voice. Rumor has it that he could possibly be RuPaul or Boy George. Regardless of who he may be though, his performances have been incredibly entertaining so far!

2) The Flamingo – With her vibrant feathers and energetic dance moves, this masked bird had everyone talking from the very first episode. Though we don’t know for sure yet who she is, many fans believe that she could be former Pussycat Doll singer Nicole Scherzinger.

3) The Rottweiler – While initially thought to possibly be a sports star or actor due to his athletic build and rugged good looks, many now believe that this talented canine might actually be Chris Daughtry (who rose to fame on American Idol).

4) The Tree – Dressed like something out of a fairy tale and sporting an incredible voice too boot, there’s no question that The Tree has talent galore! Despite initial guesses pointing towards reality TV personality Tori Spelling (who once starred in Beverly Hills 90210), new evidence suggests that comedienne Amy Sedaris might be hiding beneath all those leaves…

5) The Thingamajig – This charming mystery man has been delighting audiences since day one with his soulful crooning skills. Though some believed he could possibly be NBA star Victor Oladipo, the evidence is now pointing towards it being former NFL quarterback Terry Bradshaw.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of The Masked Singer, or you’re just starting to get hooked on this addictive reality TV show, there’s no question that these masked celebrities are some of the most exciting and intriguing contestants we’ve seen in a while! So keep your eyes peeled and your ears tuned in – who knows what kind of surprises might be coming our way next.

Unmasking the Contestants: A Closer Look at Who Is Still on The Masked Singer

As fans of The Masked Singer, we are always left guessing and speculating about the identity of the contestants hidden behind those elaborate costumes. Week after week, we sit at the edge of our seats, watching as the clues and performances slowly unravel the mysteries surrounding each character. However, there can only be one winner in this competition, and as we move closer to the endgame, every performance becomes more critical for uncovering who is left on stage.

So let’s take a closer look at who’s still on The Masked Singer and try to unmask these talented individuals!

First up, we have Crocodile. This reptilian performer has already got us under their spell with their smooth and soulful voice. With subtle references to Hollywood connections in their clue packages thus far, many speculate that they could be someone like Jared Leto or maybe even Zac Efron? Whoever it may be – Crocodile is definitely one to watch out for in the coming weeks.

Next in line comes Seahorse – the fabulous underwater princess who brings her vocal prowess to new heights every week! As she continues to dominate with each song choice thus far, it’s become evident that she has either had previous experience singing professionally or trained vocally. With hints of Broadway leading us astray this time around – could it be Kristin Chenoweth?

Mushroom proved early on that he was one contestant not to underestimate! This fungi star delivers an impressive range while keeping audiences transfixed behind his woodsy exterior & magical presence– also incorporating undeniable dance moves within his performance making him truly standout amongst others in this season’s cast. All conjectures point towards Jordan Fisher so far!

Jellyfish performs with such effortless grace and talent that it’s hard not to assume she might just be Ariana Grande herself! Luminous with every note floated into audience hearts – captivating us without ever lifting her feet off from floor itself… Jellyfish is definitely living up to her potential.

Lastly, we have Popcorn – the golden age diva who brings a sense of nostalgia with every note. This iconic performer’s voice is instantly recognizable and has had viewers reminiscing about days gone by. Her clue packages suggest that she might be someone connected to music in more ways than one – perhaps even singing for more than four decades. Who could it be? Is it Tina Turner? Dolly Parton?

We cannot forget about popular favorites Sun, Serpent, Whatchamacallit or Snow Owls as their presence on stage have been nothing short of stellar performances each week with hints pointing towards the likes of LeAnn Rimes or Mikka Brzezinski. And let’s not forget that this season gifted us with intense competition from Baby Alien, Dragon and Lips too!

With so many talented performers left making their claim over The Masked Singer stage – fierce competition lies ahead… each edge closer towards taking home the illustrious trophy & being crowned winner! Until then we await with bated breath for next episode arrival…

Predictions and Speculations: Who Could Be Behind the Remaining Masks?

The Masked Singer has quickly become one of the most popular entertainment shows on television, captivating audiences with its unique blend of music, mystery and speculation. As each week passes, a new celebrity is revealed from behind one of the many stunning masks that have been designed for the show. And as we approach the finale episodes, we’re left with some burning questions: Who could possibly be behind the remaining masks? What hints can we pick up from their performances and clues? We’re going to take a look at some predictions and speculations about who our favorite masked singers might actually be.

The Sun

One of the season’s most popular guesses is that The Sun could be none other than Lea Michele. The famous Glee actress has a powerful voice similar to what we’ve heard from The Sun so far. Furthermore, her clue package which made references to “princesses” and “Queens,” matches up with her association with playing princesses in films too. Not only that, but she was also born in 1986 – which coincidentally is visibly tattooed on an arm during The Sun’s dancing performances.


When Croc began his initial performance he had only recently broken away “from something that almost made him snap,” according to his hinting video – This lead people immediately believing it might have hinted at different pressures being faced within wrestling/entertainment industry; leading ourselves towards Kevin Owens or even Steve-O. Another clue was the use of a tiny crocodile puppet in his clue package which can indicate preexisting ties in the entertainment sector where puppets come into play such as Avenue Q or other puppet-based musicals.


Jellyfish seems like a tough nut to crack – but there are theories aplenty! With her classic ballerina tutu seen throughout her peformance implying experience in dance productions confirms Maddie Ziegler (former Dance Moms co-star). On top of that, the clues provided in her performances clearly depict mental health issues and an overwhelming feeling of a need to prove herself. Allusions to Hunger Games might just further indicate it is none other than Willow Shields — who played Primrose Everdeen in the popular franchise.


Mushroom has been one of the more challenging guesses during this season; there hasn’t been as many straight forward hints during performances or video packages. Underneath his mushroom costume, some speculate Jaden Smith might be making surprise appearances under the blotted cap. Similarly, others notes about how eloquently he carries himself indicates possibility towards Jordan Fisher – best known for his work on Broadway productions.

With only a few episodes remaining, we can hardly wait for the big reveal of our favorite masked singers’ true identities. But until then, let’s keep scratching our heads and make some fun predictions! Although speculation isn’t always 100% right… we’ll have to wait and see!

Final Reveal: Meet the Celebrities Who Were Ultimately Unmasked on The Masked Singer Season XX.

The much-awaited season of The Masked Singer has come to an end, and as we predicted, it did not disappoint. For weeks, fans have been left scratching their heads trying to figure out who was behind the elaborate costumes, intricate choreography, and impressive vocal performances. But finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for arrived: the final reveal.

As the last few episodes aired over the past few weeks, audiences were treated to some of the most entertaining performances yet – including a breathtaking rendition of “My Heart Will Go On” by a masked singer sporting a majestic Phoenix costume. But as nail-biting as those performances were, nothing could compare to the excitement that came with uncovering the mystery identities behind each character.

Let’s start with our winner – congratulations are in order for the talented celebrity who took home this year’s coveted trophy! In a stunning upset victory over some seriously stiff competition, this individual wowed judges week after week with show-stopping vocals and unbridled energy. And drumroll please….it was none other than (INSERT WINNER NAME AND OCCUPATION HERE)! Known for their incredible range and infectious charm on stage (and off), it’s no surprise that this star ultimately triumphed over their fellow competitors.

But they weren’t alone in garnering attention from fans and judges alike – other surprise celebrities included (INSERT ADDITIONAL MASKED SINGER IDENTITIES HERE). From iconic singers to beloved movie stars, each masked contestant brought something unique and unforgettable to this year’s season. Whether it was through their showmanship on stage or just through whispers sparked by online speculation forums (*cough* Reddit *cough*), these celebs kept us guessing until they couldn’t hide any longer.

Now that everyone’s true identities have been revealed at long last, viewers can truly appreciate just how much talent there is within our favorite entertainers’ ranks. And while we might be sad that the season is over, at least we can take pleasure in rewatching those unforgettable performances and basking in the knowledge of exactly which famous faces were behind those masks. Until next season, The Masked Singer – thank you for keeping us constantly entertained and wondering who would reveal themselves next.

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