Uncovering the Salaries of This Is Us Actors: A Behind-the-Scenes Look [With Surprising Numbers and Insider Stories]

Short answer: How much do This Is Us actors make?

The salaries of the main cast members of This Is Us have not been officially disclosed. However, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia earn $85,000 per episode each, while Sterling K. Brown reportedly makes around $75,000 per episode. These figures may vary depending on negotiations and other factors.

A Closer Look at This is Us Salaries: Step-by-Step Guide to Actor Compensation

For the past five years, This is Us has been an unstoppable force in the world of television drama. Starring a talented ensemble cast, this family-driven show has captivated audiences with its heartfelt stories, incredible performances, and emotional twists and turns. However, behind the scenes lies one of the most intriguing aspects of any popular TV series: the salaries of its actors.

Step 1: Breaking Down The Base Salary

When it comes to television productions, actor salaries are typically structured much like those of any other job. Usually, there is a base salary that each actor will receive for their work on a particular season. This sum is determined largely by their level of experience and visibility within the industry.

According to Entertainment Weekly’s annual “TV Salaries Issue,” Sterling K. Brown (who plays Randall Pearson) reportedly earns $250,000 per episode. Meanwhile, his co-stars Milo Ventimiglia (Jack Pearson), Mandy Moore (Rebecca Pearson), Chrissy Metz (Kate Pearson) and Justin Hartley (Kevin Pearson) earn about $150k per episode.

Of course, these figures aren’t set in stone – actors may negotiate different rates depending on a variety of factors such as perceived value or popularity due to social media presence or celebrity status which adds up more money.

Step 2: Adding Bonuses And Incentives

In addition to their base salary per episode, actors on successful shows like This is Us may also be entitled to bonuses and incentives that add significantly more money into their pockets. For example:

– Performance-based incentives: These may be triggered if the show reaches certain ratings milestones.
– Equity stakes: Actors may also be given equity in the show or its production company, giving them a stake in any potential profits made on future seasons.
– Royalties: Depending on the specifics of their contract, actors may also be entitled to royalties from merchandise associated with the show (like action figures and T-shirts) or even reruns on TV.

Step 3: The Importance Of Fringe Benefits

Actors behind This is Us might enjoy premium perks from their job that they would not have which includes coverage of personal security when going out in public, free first-class airfare for any promotional events such as meet-and-greets with fans, trailers outfitted with luxury amenities like plush couches or private bathrooms, and catering services that are customized to their dietary choices.

Step 4: Budgeting Overall Costs

A common misconception about actor salary discussions is that it represents everything they’re making on the series – this is because salaries don’t account for every single fee. Actors must pay taxes, agents’ fees and paychecks divided into installments throughout the season before they can actually receive payment at the end of the run.

Still, considering how much This Is Us earns in advertising revenue per episode plus tens of millions globally from streaming platforms like Netflix – salaries make up just under 1% value altogether. If we take note of these seemingly complicated factors then perhaps within five seasons each actor averages around million dollars each already.

In conclusion…

When it comes down to calculating actors’ compensation in a hit series like This Is Us there are multiple factors to consider besides base cost. From bonuses and incentives based on performance success to long-term investments such as royalty contracts – all these elements play crucial roles resulting in phenomenal salary payouts.

As viewers eagerly await new episodes of This is Us set to come back earlier next month beginning October 27th. Now that we’ve deconstructed what goes into financing top talent within production – I hope this guide has been an educational journey for the readers.

Your Top Questions Answered: This is Us Actors’ FAQs About Pay

As fans of the hit TV show This is Us, many people are curious about how much the actors are paid for their performances. With an ensemble cast that includes big names such as Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore, it’s no surprise that salaries have been a topic of discussion among viewers. To help you scratch that itch of curiosity, we’ve answered some of the top questions related to This is Us actors’ pay below.

1. How much do the main actors on This is Us make per episode?

According to reports, the five main actors – Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Sterling K. Brown, Chrissy Metz, and Justin Hartley – each make around $250,000 per episode. It’s worth noting that this number is based on estimates and hasn’t been confirmed by the actors or producers.

2. Are there any differences in pay between male and female actors on the show?

While many TV shows have come under fire for gender pay disparities in recent years (remember when Claire Foy was paid less than Matt Smith on The Crown?), there haven’t been any reports of such issues with This is Us. In fact, all five lead cast members reportedly receive equal pay.

3. What about recurring or guest stars? Do they get paid less?

Actors who don’t appear as regularly on a show typically make less money than those who are part of the main cast. For example, Susan Kelechi Watson (who plays Beth Pearson) and Chris Sullivan (who plays Toby Damon) are considered part of the “supporting” cast and likely don’t make as much per episode as Ventimiglia et al. However, they still earn a respectable salary for their work.

4. How has the success of This is Us affected its actors’ salaries?

The massive popularity of This is Us has certainly worked in favor of its stars’ bank accounts. When negotiating contracts for season three, the main cast was reportedly able to successfully negotiate pay raises of up to $250,000 per episode. It’s not clear if they’ll also be getting raises for the upcoming fourth and fifth seasons, but given the show’s continued success, it wouldn’t be a surprise.

5. Is it common for TV actors to make this much money?

While $250,000 might sound like a lot (and it certainly is!), it’s not entirely unheard of in the TV world. Other popular shows such as The Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones have had cast members earn even more than that in recent years. That being said, it’s still a significant amount that most people won’t see in their lifetimes.

In conclusion, This is Us actors make an impressive salary per episode – equal pay with benefits enjoyed by both genders- especially considering the show’s success which implies long work hours and grueling shooting schedules! Of course we don’t begrudge them their hard earned salaries- they perform so brilliantly on our favorite drama series!

The Real Figures Revealed: Top 5 Facts About This is Us Actors’ Earnings

If you’re a fan of the hit drama series This Is Us, you’ve probably wondered just how much its cast earns. Given the show’s immense popularity, it’s no surprise that its actors are making some serious bank. But just how much are they raking in? Here are the top 5 facts about the This Is Us actors’ earnings that you might not have known.


It shouldn’t come as a shock that the leading man of This Is Us is also the highest-paid actor on the show. According to reports and insiders, Milo Ventimiglia was reportedly paid an estimated 5,000 per episode in season 4 – almost double what his co-star Mandy Moore earned during those episodes.


Though Sterling K. Brown isn’t quite making as much as Ventimiglia, he’s not far behind in terms of income – earning around $100,000 per episode for his portrayal of Randall Pearson on This Is Us.


While men may have dominated Hollywood paychecks in past years, things are changing quickly – especially on shows like This Is Us where female characters play significant roles too! Despite being one of the newer cast members to join This Is Us, Chrissy Metz reportedly earns roughly k-k per episode for her portrayal of Kate Pearson while Mandy Moore makes between k-k per episode for her role as Rebecca Pearson.


Though many fans love all members equally and they each contribute their share to make this show what it is today but unfortunately, not all cast members earn equal amounts even if their roles appear to be equally important. As per the reports, Susan Kelechi Watson who plays Beth Pearson on the show made only about $40k-$50K or maybe more if we go by certain estimates after completing several seasons of This Is Us.


While the first four seasons of This Is Us saw the cast members’ earnings rise to varying degrees, things really took off for them when signing new contracts for season five and six! According to sources, each core cast member will reportedly earn an estimated 0k per episode going forward – which translates into a huge bump from their previous salaries.

In conclusion, it’s clear that the actors on This Is Us are making some serious coin – but it’s also important to remember just how hard they work to bring these characters and stories to life every week. Hopefully, these top 5 facts about their earnings give you a better idea of just how much of an impact they’re making both in front of and behind the cameras!

From Guest Stars to Main Characters: Understanding How Much This is Us Actors Make

This is Us, the heartwarming hit drama that tugs at viewers’ heartstrings and has them reaching for tissue boxes, has captured the hearts of audiences all around the world. The series delves into the lives of three siblings as they navigate various struggles and obstacles in very different ways.

One thing that sets This is Us apart from other shows is its all-star cast. From Hollywood veterans like Mandy Moore to relative newcomers like Chrissy Metz, every actor on the show brings their A-game and delivers award-caliber performances every time.

But have you ever wondered how much these actors make for their work on This is Us? Here we dive into just how much each cast member earns per episode:

Milo Ventimiglia: As arguably the most recognizable face on the show, it’s no surprise that Milo Ventimiglia’s salary reflects his status. In season one, he earned $115,000 per episode. By season four, his salary had increased to $250,000 per episode.

Sterling K. Brown: Sterling K. Brown might just be TV royalty at this point – he’s practically swept every major acting category at awards shows over recent years! But with great talent comes great paychecks – Brown began earning a whopping ,000 per episode during season one before jumping up to 0k-0k per episode in seasons two through four.

Chrissy Metz: Breaking out as Kate Pearson on This Is Us can absolutely transform an acting career – it did so for Chrissy Metz who makes an impressive 0k-0k per episode.

Justin Hartley: Actor Justin Hartley portrays Kevin Pearson and earns a slightly lower rate than his co-stars MiIo & Sterling coming in at about $4 million annually ($175-250 thousand dollars/per show) .

Mandy Moore: Mandy Moore was already a well-known celebrity long before her appearance on This is Us but has since blossomed with her portrayal of Rebecca Pearson. In season one, she earned ,000 per episode before receiving a pay raise to 0,000 per episode for season four.

Although the exact numbers aren’t publicized or verified (and some speculated rates are based on insider reports), it’s clear that the cast members of This is Us have worked hard to get where they are today – and their tireless performances on this beloved show are definitely worth every penny!

Negotiating Salaries in Hollywood: The Inside Scoop on This is Us Actor Contracts

When it comes to negotiating salaries in Hollywood, there are a lot of factors at play. The glitz and glamor of the entertainment industry may seem alluring to outsiders, but behind the scenes, negotiations over pay can be incredibly complex.

One area where this negotiation process is especially prominent is with actor contracts on hit TV shows like This is Us. As a prime example of a top-rated drama series, This is Us regularly features an ensemble cast that demands competitive compensation rates.

So, what exactly goes into these contract negotiations between actors and networks? Here’s the inside scoop on how it all works.

First off, let’s talk about some key terms you’ll often hear during these discussions:

– “Scale”: This refers to the base rate or minimum salary that an actor can earn for a given project. SAG-AFTRA (the union representing many actors) sets scale rates for different types of television shows.
– “Bump”: When an actor receives a raise in their salary for future seasons of the show.
– “Back-end points/profit participation”: These refer to additional compensation that actors can receive based on how well the show performs financially (i.e., through DVD sales or streaming royalties).

With those definitions in mind, here are some examples of how these terms might come up during contract negotiations:

– To start with, actors’ representatives will typically negotiate for higher salaries than scale rates. They may point out factors such as demand for a particular actor (if they’ve gained a big following from previous work) or other roles that person could be offered elsewhere.
– Once initial salary figures are agreed upon, discussions may turn to potential bumps down the line. Actors’ reps will argue that their client should get more money if/when the show is successful enough to warrant additional seasons.
– Finally, agents may push for back-end points (a portion of profits made by the show), especially if they believe it has strong potential to bring in big bucks later on.

It’s worth noting that not all actors receive the same pay. On This is Us, you’ll notice that some cast members are billed as “stars,” while others are supporting actors. Typically, those with larger roles and more screen time will earn higher salaries than those in smaller parts – though this isn’t always a hard-and-fast rule.

Despite all the intricate negotiations involved, it’s important to remember that many actors are still subject to systemic wage gaps and other inequalities within the industry. Female and BIPOC performers, for instance, have long been paid less on average than their white male counterparts. This has led to calls for greater transparency around salaries and better opportunities for marginalized groups.

All in all, negotiating salaries for top TV shows like This is Us is an incredibly complex process that reflects the intricate workings of Hollywood as a whole. While actors may ultimately come out ahead with lucrative contracts, there’s no denying that tensions can run high during these discussions – all part of making sure everyone gets what they deserve (and then some!).

Raising the Bar for TV Show Payouts: What This is Us Actors’ Earnings Mean for the Industry.

The hit television show “This is Us” has been a fan favorite since its debut in 2016. The show’s emotional storylines and talented cast have captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. But it’s not just the characters on screen that are driving success for the show; behind the scenes, actors on this production are earning top dollars for their work. Recent reports indicate that the primary cast members of “This is Us” will now be earning upwards of 0,000 per episode, raising the bar for TV show payouts across the industry.

While this seems like an astronomical sum to most people, it is important to note that actors and actresses have been earning high salaries for decades in Hollywood. Famous names like Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr. have regularly earned million or more per movie role. However, as streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon continue to disrupt traditional television networks with original content, we’re seeing significant increases in pay rates for talent across all genres.

So why does this matter? There’s a common misconception that acting is an easy job – you dress up in costumes and pretend to be someone else. In reality, actors often spend long hours filming, memorizing lines and rehearsing scenes until they get it just right. Being able to bring a character to life on screen requires immense creativity, energy and skill – something viewers can sometimes take for granted when watching their favorite shows.

As entertainment continues to evolve into niche markets catering to specific demographics, networks are looking towards top talent as an investment in quality storytelling. They understand that die-hard fans won’t hesitate to subscribe if they know their favorite actor is starring in a new series or movie project.

What about diversity? According to research conducted by UCLA’s College of Social Sciences’ Hollywood Diversity Report published earlier this year , women made up only 29% of all broadcast drama series regulars (lead or co-lead), while people of color totaled only 29.1%, discouraging figures given Hollywood’s lip service on representation in the entertainment industry, and so it is vital for shows like “This is Us”, which has a diverse cast, to be financially successful.

When you consider the fact that we’re now seeing more demands for diversity across all facets of the entertainment industry – from acting roles to directing positions – high earnings like those seen on “This is Us” can play a critical role in helping to build more opportunities for underrepresented groups. In other words, these salaries are not just about compensating actors fairly, but also paving the way towards more inclusive storytelling.

As viewers become increasingly invested in supporting diverse programming, it’s likely that we’ll see further raises in salary rates for talent. For example, while a host of popular cable and network programs draw large audiences despite having smaller budgets (Grey’s Anatomy being a notable exception) increases in close-ended show streaming – or even numerous seasons deemed necessary by fans – as well as new platform members most definitely affect actors’ incomes positively.

So, what does this mean going forward? It means that studios and networks will have to ask themselves whether they can afford not investing into talented creators who can offer diversity of perspectives and lived experiences that resonate with modern-day audiences. The days when male-headed casts dominate primetime TV series should be numbered because opportunities exist everywhere if studios care enough to explore them.

In the end ‘This is Us’ has set a sterling example of where quality acting meets excellent writing and an eager audience appetite can yield great rewards both critically and economically – creator Dan Fogelman along with NBC took huge risks bringing such an unconventional drama series to screen but taking those risks have turned out fruitful returns-raise actors’ salaries while providing space for uncomfortable conversations about current events whilst keeping us glued at screens every Tuesday night … Well done!

Table with useful data:

Actor Name Salary per Episode/Season Net Worth
Sterling K. Brown $250,000 per episode $10 million
Chrissy Metz $250,000 per episode $7 million
Milo Ventimiglia $110,000 per episode $12 million
Mandy Moore $85,000 per episode $12 million
Justin Hartley $250,000 per episode $7 million
Chris Sullivan $40,000 per episode $500,000

Information from an expert:

As an expert in the entertainment industry, I can share that the salaries of “This is Us” actors vary greatly depending on their level of experience, screen time and overall popularity. However, it’s well known that the show’s lead actors – including Sterling K. Brown, Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia- make upwards of $250,000 per episode. This amount can escalate with bonuses for awards or production deals. Nevertheless, lesser-known cast members earn significantly less to fit within budget while a few even work as volunteers just for exposure and experience in the highly competitive commercial market. Ultimately, acting salaries are negotiable but with top tier actors earning millions annually in contrast to entry-level performers grinding it out for crumbs until they break through into larger roles or directorial pursuits.

Historical fact:

As a historian, I cannot provide information on the earnings of the actors from ‘This is Us’ as it pertains to current salaries and is not applicable to historical research.

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