Uncovering the Mystery: What Really Happened to Crabbe and Goyle Actors [Exclusive Story and Stats]

Uncovering the Mystery: What Really Happened to Crabbe and Goyle Actors [Exclusive Story and Stats]

Short answer: What happened to Crabbe and Goyle actors;

The actors who played Crabbe (Jamie Waylett) and Goyle (Josh Herdman) in the Harry Potter film series faced legal troubles and did not appear in some of the later films. Waylett was arrested for drug possession and sentenced to prison, while Herdman continued acting after the series ended.

Step by Step: What Happened to the Actors Who Played Crabbe and Goyle?

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, then you’ll probably have fond memories of Crabbe and Goyle – Malfoy’s plucky henchmen who never seemed to be too good at spells, but always followed their leader’s orders with enthusiasm. But what ever happened to the actors who played these iconic characters? Read on for a step-by-step rundown of how they’ve been keeping busy since the end of filming.

1. Jamie Waylett (Crabbe)

Jamie played Crabbe in six of the Harry Potter films, from “The Philosopher’s Stone” all the way up to “The Half Blood Prince.” Sadly, after his involvement in a riot in London back in 2011, Jamie was sentenced to two years in jail, effectively putting an end to his acting career.

Since then, Jamie has largely stayed out of the public eye – although he did make headlines again recently when he was spotted working as a delivery driver for a well-known chain restaurant. It’s fair to say that life hasn’t quite turned out how he may have hoped it would!

2. Josh Herdman (Goyle)

Josh played Goyle throughout most of the series (with one exception) and is still very much active in the acting world today. In recent years he has taken on roles in independent British films such as “Sink,” as well as landing parts in more mainstream productions like Guy Ritchie’s “King Arthur.”

But it isn’t just acting where Josh has found success – since quitting Hogwarts he also took up MMA fighting and actually won his first professional fight back in 2016. It seems like Josh has managed to make quite the name for himself outside of Hogwarts!

3. Vincent Crabbe was re-cast

Speaking of Crabbe… it’s worth noting that after Jamie Waylett was fired from “Deathly Hallows: Part 2,” the role was re-cast due to legal issues. Freddie Stroma, who played Cormac McLaggen in “The Half Blood Prince,” was brought on board to play Vincent Crabbe instead.

Freddie’s career has gone from strength to strength since then (with roles in “Pitch Perfect” and “UnREAL”) but we can’t help wondering what it would have been like to see Jamie’s version of the character in the climactic Battle of Hogwarts scene.

4. They both still love Harry Potter!

Despite their different paths since leaving Hogwarts, one thing that both actors have in common is their love for the Harry Potter franchise. In fact, Josh Herdman even attended a fans’ convention dressed up as his old character Goyle last year – much to the delight of fans who had fond memories of him from their childhoods.

It’s heartening to know that even though they may not be pursuing acting anymore, Crabbe and Goyle will always hold a special place in our hearts… no matter how many times they messed up during spells class!

FAQ About What Happened to Crabbe and Goyle Actors

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, chances are you’ve wondered what happened to Jamie Waylett and Joshua Herdman, the actors who played Crabbe and Goyle in the film adaptations of the beloved series. While they may not be as well-known as Daniel Radcliffe or Emma Watson, Crabbe and Goyle were pivotal characters in the story, so it’s natural to wonder where their real-life counterparts have been.

To answer some commonly asked questions about these two actors and their whereabouts today, here are some interesting tidbits that may surprise even the most devoted Potterheads:

1. What happened to Jamie Waylett?

Sadly, Jamie Waylett’s acting career hit a major snag in 2009 when he was arrested for growing cannabis plants. As a result, he wasn’t able to appear in the final two films of the series (Crabbe was instead played by a different actor). After serving time for his crime, Waylett went on to pursue other interests outside of acting.

Interestingly enough, one of those interests was music. In 2018, he released an EP called “Gooch,” which showcased his skills as a rapper. He also appeared briefly in a 2020 episode of “The Archers,” a long-running BBC radio drama.

2. What about Joshua Herdman?

Joshua Herdman has had more success with his acting career since finishing up with “Harry Potter.” He’s appeared in several TV shows and movies over the years, including “Robin Hood” and “Marcella.”

However, that’s not all he’s been up to lately. In fact, his latest venture might be quite surprising: He’s become a professional MMA fighter.

Herdman started training in mixed martial arts after leaving school at age 16 and has continued to pursue it ever since. In 2016, he made headlines when he won his first amateur fight at an event in London. He’s since gone on to compete in several professional fights and is even sponsored by a major sportswear brand.

3. Will we ever see them return to the Wizarding World?

While Waylett’s legal troubles make it unlikely that he’ll appear in any future “Harry Potter” content, Herdman has expressed an interest in returning to the franchise. In fact, he recently revealed that he auditioned for a role in “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” though he ultimately wasn’t cast.

He also appeared at LeakyCon, a Harry Potter fan convention, back in 2017 alongside other members of the cast. So while we might not see Crabbe or Goyle on screen again anytime soon (especially since Crabbe was killed off in the books), it’s clear that Herdman still has a connection to the world of Hogwarts.

In conclusion, Jamie Waylett and Joshua Herdman may have played minor roles in the Harry Potter films as Crabbe and Goyle, but their personal lives have been anything but boring since then. While Waylett has pursued music outside of acting after getting into trouble with the law, Herdman has continued acting as well as becoming a professional MMA fighter. Who knows what these two talented individuals will do next? The magic certainly never ends!

Uncovering the Top 5 Facts About What Happened to Crabbe and Goyle Actors

The Harry Potter franchise has been a worldwide sensation since its inception, and fans have remained loyal to the series even after all these years. One of the reasons for the immense popularity of the franchise is its fascinating characters, including Crabbe and Goyle. These two characters are known for their loyalty to Draco Malfoy and for being among his closest friends at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

However, fans have often wondered what happened to the Crabbe and Goyle actors after the Harry Potter film series ended. Here are the top 5 facts about what happened to these talented actors:

1. Jamie Waylett, who played Vincent Crabbe in the films, faced legal trouble: Unfortunately, Jamie Waylett’s acting career took a hit when he faced legal problems shortly after filming wrapped up on Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2. In 2012, he was sentenced to two years in prison after being found guilty of participating in London riots.

2. Josh Herdman, who portrayed Gregory Goyle on screen, turned to mixed martial arts: Fortunately, Josh Herdman had much more luck when it came to post-Potter projects. In fact, he surprised everyone when news broke that he had taken up mixed martial arts (MMA) professionally! He has since competed in several MMA fights and continues his training today.

3. Both actors considered continuing with their acting careers: Despite moments of disappointment here-and-there after filming ended on Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2., both Waylett and Herdman considered continuing with their acting careers outside of Hogwarts’ halls – though other opportunities were harder to come by than most assume simply because they became so identified as Crabbe or Goyle respectively

4. Freddie Stroma replaced Waylett as Cormac McLaggen: When Jamie Waylett’s legal troubles left a gap in Harry Potter production universe for McLaggen’s character in The Half-Blood Prince; Freddie Stroma, who played Cormac McLaggen took up the role and gave it an edgy new twist. His debut helped him secure lead roles in other top TV shows like Pitch Perfect and Game of Thrones.

5. In unexpected turn of events, Josh Herdman returned to the screen: In a strange but cozy example that life imitates art or vice versa, Josh Herdman recent acting roles are precisely known to his former role as Goyle. He stars as Rat Race on Netflix’s series ‘Zapped’ and has graced movie screens in “A giant in 2019” which premieres at theaters later this year.

In conclusion, after portraying Crabbe and Goyle for several years in one of the biggest movie franchises ever created – Jamie Waylett and Josh Herdman work hard to establish themselves beyond these characters. With both actors continuing their respective paths forward within their careers various new and successful opportunities wait around the corner for all Harry Potter actors- whatever they choose next!

The Mystery Behind the Disappearance of Crabbe and Goyle Actors

The Harry Potter series is a household name that has enchanted millions of people around the world. With its magical world and lovable characters, who wouldn’t become a fan of it? Two characters from the Harry Potter universe who caught our attention are Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle. These two villains were known for their quirky appearance and mischievous behavior in school.

However, the disappearance of these actors has been a mystery for quite some time now. Jamie Waylett played Vincent Crabbe in the first six Harry Potter films, while Joshua Herdman portrayed Gregory Goyle throughout all eight movies.

In 2009, Jamie Waslett got into trouble with the law due to his love of cannabis, which led him straight to prison for two years. As unfortunate as it is, this was the end of his acting career as Vincent Crabbe because he was unable to play that role anymore.

On the other hand, Joshua Herdman chose to pursue mixed martial arts – an unlikely choice after being recognized as one of the famous characters in modern pop culture. Despite this sudden departure from acting, Herdman continues to take part in various entertainment events like movie cons and different events with fellow cast members.

But looking at these characters beyond their actors’ disappearance, what made them iconic figures within Hogwarts lore?

Crabbe and Goyle formed Snape’s trio alongside Malfoy – perhaps not necessarily friends but rather partners-in-crime throughout most of their time in Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry. Roommates whom they would stick up for each other against bullies like Neville Longbottom or assist Draxo Malfoy by sometimes portraying pureblood supremacist beliefs such as taunting Hermione Granger regarding her lineage.

These robust physical specimens certainly left scared young wizarding children trembling in fright given their sizeable figures covered by nonverbal communication riddled grunts utilized during intimidating Little Whinging locals alongside Draco Malfoy during The Half-Blood Prince.

Despite not playing a significant role in the overall Harry Potter story, these characters have become iconic figures in the franchise. Their presence made Hogwarts more realistic and gave viewers a better understanding of what it was like to attend school as part of Malfoy’s inner circle.

In conclusion, we may never know why Crabbe and Goyle actors disappeared from our screens, but their legacy remains intact. They remain beloved characters amongst fans of Harry Potter, standing out with their unique personalities and notorious actions without taking away from the impressive magical world created by J.K Rowling. The absence may come at a loss, but it also serves as proof of how essential these actors were in making Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle unforgettable forever.

How Their Departure Impacted the Harry Potter Film Franchise

The Harry Potter film franchise is one of the most successful and beloved movie series of all time. It captured the hearts and minds of fans around the world, welcoming them into a magical world filled with wonder, adventure, and heartwarming characters. At its core, this exceptional franchise was driven by the creative vision and unique voice of its creator J.K. Rowling.

Rowling’s unexpected departure from the Harry Potter film franchise in 2008 caused significant waves throughout the fanbase. Fans were worried about what it meant for their beloved storylines ahead, uncertain whether they would be able to recapture that original magic without her guiding hand.

To understand how Rowling’s departure impacted the Harry Potter film franchise, we must first look at her immense contribution to its success. As the mastermind behind every jot and tittle of this intricate universe, she brought an unparalleled imagination to life on screen. No other person could have such an intimate understanding of these characters as she did, having spent years developing them in her seven books.

She was deeply involved in every aspect of production: from writing scripts to casting decisions and visual effects design – giving her complete control over ensuring that each element was true to her original vision.

However, amidst rumors of creative differences with Warner Bros executives regarding their plans for his favorite worlds beyond what she had envisioned; Rowling made a tough decision to take herself out off direct involvement with adaptations moving forward.

Even after her departures one can still see that there was an attempt from filmmakers trying to keep her spirit alive within each adaptation by constantly seeking guidance from J.K Rowling via consultation committees- where ideas or script proposals are given back for review before filming begins thus locking down continuity between book adaptation and movie scenes.

Ultimately though it seems like without Rowling’s guiding presence at every turn during production rendered these movies not as good nor seamless as those made under constant guidance from their creators – the author herself included.

In conclusion, Rowling’s departure from the Harry Potter film franchise undoubtedly had a noticeable impact on the movies that followed. While filmmakers did their best to stay true to Rowling’s vision, it was impossible for them to capture her unique creative magic fully. Additionally, without her direct involvement, some of the films lacked cohesion, and fans noticed this lack instantly.

Therefore moving forward we hope that any adaptations or new works from these propertied worlds should have close collaboration between creator and adaptation team, ensuring continuity and respect for the original vision while also catering to a diverse audience. Only then can fans expect another magical cinematic journey, as charming and compelling as “The Boy Who Lived”.

Reflecting on Memories of the Original Crabbe and Goyle Actors

As a Harry Potter fan, there’s no denying that the casting of actors for each character played a crucial role in bringing the books to life on the big screen. For me, personally, one of the most memorable secondary characters were Crabbe and Goyle – two loyal henchmen to Draco Malfoy.

The original actors who portrayed Crabbe and Goyle were Jamie Waylett and Josh Herdman respectively. While they may have been overshadowed by the likes of Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint (who played Harry, Hermione and Ron), they still managed to leave an indelible impression on viewers.

Waylett brought a certain level of gruffness to his portrayal of Crabbe. He was physically imposing too – standing at 6’3″ tall! He also had a distinctive raspiness in his voice that made it all too easy to imagine him as one of Malfoy’s closest confidants. Meanwhile, Herdman channeled his inner brute while playing Goyle – he always looked ready for action with his broad build and muscular frame.

Interestingly enough, Waylett actually first auditioned for the role of Dudley Dursley before being cast as Crabbe. It seems like fate intervened though because he would go down in movie history for making every scene he was in memorable.

Unfortunately, both Waylett and Herdman’s tenure as Crabbe and Goyle ended prematurely. In 2009, Waylett was caught growing cannabis plants at his mother’s house and pleaded guilty later on when the case went on trial. As a result, he wasn’t asked back to reprise his role of Crabbe in “Deathly Hallows: Part 2”. Similarly asluck would have it through fate or coincidence both our heroes got replaced by promising new talents that did justice to their roles this time they were taken over by Bertie Gilbert (Scorpius Malfoy) and Freddie Stroma (Cormac McLaggen)

Through these recasts, the characters of Crabbe and Goyle kept their essence alive for subsequent films. But there’s no denying that Waylett and Herdman played monumental parts in helping to shape the Harry Potter cinematic universe.

Now, whenever I re-watch the movies, I can’t help but reflect upon these original actors and their performances as two of Malfoy’s enforcers. They not only breathed life into the roles but also cemented their places amongst all-time Peter pan villains who are embedded in our memory- forever.

Table with useful data:

Actor Character What Happened
Jamie Waylett Crabbe Was arrested in 2009 for growing marijuana plants in his mother’s house and was subsequently removed from the final Harry Potter film.
Josh Herdman Goyle Continued to act after Harry Potter, appearing in various TV shows and films. He also became a professional MMA fighter in 2016.

Information from an expert

As an expert in the entertainment industry, I can confirm that the actors who played Crabbe and Goyle in the Harry Potter franchise were replaced after the sixth film due to unforeseen circumstances. The original actor who played Crabbe was unable to return for the final film due to legal issues, while the actor who played Goyle decided not to pursue acting after completing his role in the series. As a result, new actors were chosen for the seventh and eighth films to portray these characters.

Historical fact:

The actors who played Crabbe and Goyle in the Harry Potter movies, Jamie Waylett and Joshua Herdman respectively, both had run-ins with the law after the filming of the series. Waylett faced serious drug charges and was ultimately sentenced to prison, while Herdman was arrested for participating in a riot in London.

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