The Unmasking of the Masked Singer: Who’s Left Standing?

How to Keep Track of Who Is Left in the Masked Singer: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re an avid fan of The Masked Singer, one of the biggest challenges is trying to keep track of who’s still in the game. With celebrities donning elaborate costumes and disguises, it can be tough to identify them even if you think you know their voice. However, fear not! In this step-by-step guide, we’ll give you some useful tips to help you stay on top of things and make sure that you always know who’s left in the competition.

Step 1: Keep a List
One of the most effective ways to keep track of who’s left in The Masked Singer is by making a list. This may seem like an obvious tip, but it’s one that shouldn’t be overlooked. Start by writing down all the contestants at the beginning of each episode and cross them off as they are unmasked or eliminated.

Step 2: Take Note Of Clues During Performances
Throughout each performance, contestants often leave clues about their true identity in their song choices and lyrics. Pay attention to these clues like your life depends on it!

Step 3: Follow Social Media
Social media has become an invaluable source for tracking spoilers about current television shows such as The Masked Singer. Follow hashtags related to the show or join Facebook groups dedicated to discussing the program. These platforms provide fans with up-to-date information that can help verify guesses made while watching episodes.

Step 4- Check out Live TV apps
Thanks to live TV apps, viewers needn’t miss another episode or replay old seasons from scratch! Subscribe to any one of several streaming platforms available (Hulu+live tv for example) hosting previous and current seasons.

Step 5- Watch Out For Patterns
As far fetched as It might seem possible celebrity contestants’ height range; previous performances could give insight into which gender competes against whom during specific episodes – watch for patterns!

With these helpful tips at your fingertips, you’ll always be in-the-know and able to impress your friends with your Masked Singer knowledge. So, who do you think is still in the running? Happy guessing!

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Who is Left in the Masked Singer

The Masked Singer has taken the world by storm with its unique blend of mystery, music and celebrity fun. This popular singing competition is all about guessing which famous face is hiding under each outlandish costume as they belt out their favorite tunes on stage. From a talking pineapple to a singing astronaut, the show has definitely kept things interesting throughout its many seasons.

But perhaps even more exciting than the contestants’ performances is the speculation surrounding their identities. With each new episode, viewers eagerly try to guess who might be lurking behind those masks based on clues dropped during group interviews, in song choices and even in the intricate details of each costume.

So let’s delve into everything you need to know about who is left in The Masked Singer, from the judges’ top guesses to the fan theories that just might turn out to be true!

#1 Who Is Left In The Show?

As of right now (season five), there are only four masked singers remaining: Black Swan, Chameleon, Piglet and Yeti. All other contestants have already been eliminated or unmasked for us to see which celebrity has been hiding underneath.

#2 What Are The Judges’ Top Guesses?

One of the most entertaining parts of The Masked Singer is seeing how much mileage judge’s can get our of creatively pleading their cases for who they think each contestant is. So far this season Ken Jeong has guessed some wouldn’t know was from Saturday Night Live Maya Rudolph could possibly be underneath Piglets mask; Nicole Scherzinger thinks Yeti could possibly be singer-songwriter Jason Derulo They’ve all put forth a bunch of convincing arguments – and some wild guesses – but at this point it really anyone’s game.

#3 What Are Some Fan Theories?

Of course, fans of The Masked Singer are just as invested in figuring out who’s behind each mask as the judges are! And with so many hints and clues dropped throughout the show, there are plenty of theories floating around online.

One popular guess is that Piglet might be none other than Nick Lachey. The former boy band member and 98 Degrees singer has a voice that matches up perfectly with Piglet’s impressive vocal range – and several clues in the show’s group interviews seem to point to him.

Meanwhile, Yeti’s identity remains a complete mystery with fans offering guesses ranging from R&B singers like Ne-Yo to athletes like Odell Beckham Jr. But one clue that may help narrow things down is Yeti referencing coming from rough beginnings in episode two. This could mean he’s from an area known for being impoverished or maybe even started his life under tough conditions but worked hard to make it out.

As for Black Swan, some fans think she might be a Disney Channel alumna – specifically, Debby Ryan. Her background as an actress and singer certainly fits with some of the clues dropped during performances – notably when she sang “Stay” by Rihanna implying themes of self-love and overcoming personal obstacles.

And finally, Chameleon has everyone stumped! He can rap guns down so we know he certainly has skills on the mic but beyond that? Well it’s anyone’s guess!

So there you have it! These are just a few of the top guesses and fan theories surrounding the masked celebrities who remain what makes this show so fascinating to watch week after week in anticipation of finding out which star is hiding underneath the masks next . It’s almost like a game night where you won’t know who ended up playing until all players have taken off their disguises – making for hours entertainment worth tuning into!

Unmasking the Top 5 Facts about Who is Left in the Masked Singer

The Masked Singer is a worldwide phenomenon that has captured audiences with its unique blend of music, mystery, and outright fun. With singers from various backgrounds stepping on stage disguised in elaborate costumes, fans of the show have been kept guessing about who might be behind the mask. As the competition progresses through each season, more and more clues are revealed about the celebrity contestants as they get closer to unmasking. But just who exactly are the remaining masked singers? We’ve delved deep into our research to bring you the top five facts about who is left in The Masked Singer.

1. The Piglet: Brian Austin Green

After some initial speculation, fans of The Masked Singer were able to correctly identify one of this season’s most popular contestants – The Piglet – as none other than Beverly Hills 90210 star Brian Austin Green. From his first performance of “Good to Be Alive” by Andy Grammer, viewers were struck by his impressive range and dynamic stage presence. Further clues such as a chessboard referencing his time on Dancing With The Stars and references to fatherhood all pointed straight towards Green’s identity.

2. The Russian Dolls: Hanson

It was an absolute shock when three mysterious dolls appeared on stage, singing a pitch-perfect rendition of “Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. As it turns out – they were none other than Tulsa-born brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson! Those who know their pop-culture history would know that these siblings shot to fame back in 1997 when their hit single “MMMBop” became a global sensation with fans reveling in their infectious harmonies.

3. The Chameleon: Wiz Khalifa

Viewers have been captivated by this season’s costume design for “The Chameleon.” With his intricate scales changing color every time he takes the stage, many viewers wondered if he could really be one person under there! After weeks of speculation, fans realized that the man behind the leather and metal scales was none other than rap artist Wiz Khalifa. Although his style is drastically different from what we are used to hearing from him, this season’s version of Khalifa has found a new way to showcase his incredible talents.

4. The Robopine: Tyrese Gibson

The mysterious Robopine costume gave little indication as to who was inside it, with contestants providing subtle clues that required a bit more investigation on the part of super-fans. However – we were up to the task! After careful analysis of known facts such as his love for motorcycles and close relationships in Hollywood, it became clear that actor/reality TV star/singer Tyrese Gibson was hiding inside the robot outfit all along.

5. The Black Swan: JoJo

Next up and drawing plenty of attention throughout her Masked Singer journey is none other than The Black Swan. While this bird may be dark in appearance – her voice certainly isn’t! Fans have fallen in love with her piercing vocals during renditions like “Use Somebody” by Kings Of Leon and “How Will I Know” by Whitney Houston, however – before we knew it she had been unmasked as R&B/Pop sensation Jojo! With three chart-topping albums under her belt already, we’re excited to see where she takes her music next.

There you have it– our top five facts about who’s left in The Masked Singer! Each reveal brings its fair share of surprises and turns many well-known assumptions on their head – but overall leaves audiences enamored with each performer’s dedication to the craft beyond just looks or social media presence. As one of America’s most popular shows right now- we can’t wait until next week when the remaining competitors switch things up again!

The Clues, The Guesses, and Who’s Left: A Deep Dive into The Masked Singer Contestants

The Masked Singer is one of the most popular reality TV shows out there right now. There’s just something about watching celebrities dress up in elaborate costumes and perform musical numbers that we can’t get enough of. And, let’s be honest, trying to guess who is under the mask is half the fun!

The show starts with a group of seemingly random costumed characters performing and singing on stage while being judged by a panel of celebrity judges. Each episode sees one character removed from their costume and revealed to be a celebrity each week.

It’s no surprise that the internet has been going wild with guesses and theories about who could be behind each mask. From analyzing clues given through song choices and costume hints, to examining voice inflections and body language during performances – it seems like everyone has an opinion.

One of the most talked-about contestants this season has been The Piglet. Speculation has ranged from Nick Lachey or Mark Wahlberg to Zac Efron or even Harry Styles. So far, his voice alone hasn’t provided enough clues for audience members although his physique hinted at someone more athletic.

On the other end of the spectrum is The Black Swan; some are convinced she may be Jojo Siwa or Miley Cyrus thanks to a key image in her clue package depicting Hannah Montana saying goodbye on her front door. However, others think it could be Ashley Tisdale since she also played one-time rival Maddie Fitzpatrick on Disney channel’s “The Suite Life.”

Another contestant who caused quite a stir earlier in the season was The Phoenix amid various guesses surrounding country music singer Jennifer Nettles or actress Reese Witherspoon because she noted they share their hometown with Chandler Bing whom she revealed as someone all judges know personally (Matthew Perry). Digging into social media accounts also offered potential overlaps between Witherspoon’s daughter Ava Phillipe’s personal brand and The Phoenix’s hair, fashion style

This brings us to The Robopine, whose initial clues hint at a connection to the world of robotics and programming. Solving his riddles has led some fans to ponder if it could be rapper/actor LL Cool J or even the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins. A visual grapevine was also noted towards “The Hangover” star Zach Galifianakis according to Internet’s finer analysis.

Some other notable contestants include the Chameleon, Russian Dolls, Porcupines etc with dozens of different theories on each floating around online! While we wait for more reveals, let’s keep enjoying the guessing game – after all, that’s half the fun of The Masked Singer!

Decoding The Hints for Who Is Left In The Masked Singer – A Comprehensive Analysis

The Masked Singer has been a huge hit among the fans for its intricate guessing game that keeps everyone hooked. The popularity of the show lies in its mystery, the presentation and of course, the incredible performances by each character. The audience is left with a feeling of wanting to know more about these anonymous performers who are disguised behind extravagant costumes.

With every episode, there have been some clues provided to reveal the secrets behind each mask. This season saw a range of characters such as Queen Of Hearts, Phoenix, Bull and many others who left us wondering who they could be inside those fantastic outfits.

Now that we’re nearing the final rounds of exciting performances, it’s time for us to decode some hints and speculate on Who Is Left In The Masked Singer?

The Queen Of Hearts

This character named herself after Lewis Carroll’s classic story Alice In Wonderland. Her colorful costume had diamonds around her eyes and she looked like she came right out of a high-end cabaret performance.

During her initial stage performance, Queen Of Hearts revealed that “I am no stranger to rubies…” which could refer to someone associated with royalty or fame since rubies symbolize power in different contexts.

In another clue video where she’s lying down surrounded by hearts and flowers around her head; Queen Of Hearts revealed details suggesting that she was also involved in medicine at some point in her career. This leads us to believe that this performer might be someone working in healthcare or even someone playing as one on the television screens!


Phoenix was not only an impressive performer but also very mysterious just like his/her name-sake bird renowned for rising from its ashes. He/she appeared wearing an orange coat with furry cuffs and made references about being “politic” during their brief interview with host Nick Cannon.

It seems what gave away Phoenix’s identity were visual cues provided during their performance – displaying $3 bills! Many fans speculated if this hint referred to former US President Thomas Jefferson’s face displayed on the bill since he was known for his political views.

Unfortunately, Phoenix was eliminated despite his/her intriguing performance, so fans who’ve had their guesses will be left to speculate who might have been wearing that bird get-up without any confirmation.


Bull has been a favorite among fans with his deep mellow voice and cowboy-themed outfit. His clue videos included guitar playing; meeting Tim McGraw and Faith Hill; riding a mechanical bull and in one episode Bull revealed they once worked as a prison guard.

Based on the hints provided, it’s possible that Bull could be someone associated with country music or even an actor known for playing roles in Western movies. Over time fans keep making attempts to match these clues with different stars’ careers but nothing definitive stands out yet!

In summary

The Masked Singer may have given away some hints to Who Is Left In The Masked Singer? But it certainly keeps things much too mystifying and complicated at all times! The audiences are eagerly waiting to discover the true identities of these masked performers’ characters, hence only patiently wait until the last moment when everything will finally reveal itself.

Predictions And Spoilers For ‘Who Is Left In The Masked Singer’

As the hit TV show ‘The Masked Singer’ enters its third season on Fox, fans are left guessing who is behind the colorful masks. With each episode revealing new clues and hints about the celebrity behind each costume, viewers have been trying to piece together a list of potential contenders.

So who is left in the competition? Current guesses suggest that we may be seeing performances from singers like Sarah Palin, Lil Wayne, Taylor Swift, Tina Turner, Queen Latifah, and Lionel Ritchie. There have even been rumors that Brad Pitt may be donning one of the elaborate masks! Although some of these predictions sound too outrageous to be true, it’s important to remember that anything is possible when it comes to ‘The Masked Singer.’

As thrilling as it can be to guess who might be behind each mask, there are always spoilers threatening to ruin the big reveal. So for those who just can’t resist knowing what happens next in their favorite show — here are some spoilers for you!

First off – we know that some contestants will not make it through all of the rounds. Rumors suggest very few people could last until round four or five without being unmasked. Additionally, previous seasons have shown us that even some fan favorites go home early while other unlikely candidates make it quite far.

Another spoiler suggests a two-hour-long holiday special sometime near Thanksgiving or Christmas-time which will feature additional performances by popular artists dressed up in costumes – as well as other festive surprises! The special will not follow the same competition format as previous episodes but instead focus solely on delivering quality entertainment and impressive musical covers.

Finally: with so many celebrities vying for top spots on this latest season’s leaderboard – there’s no telling what kind of epic showdowns lie ahead! Each week rivals a musical battle royale as different celebs face off against one another for our adoration and votes.

In conclusion – ‘The Masked Singer’ offers plenty of excitement, thrills and drama for viewers who can’t get enough of guessing which celebrity is hiding behind each mask. While there are undoubtedly many rumors and predictions floating around about who may be left in the running, it’s important to remember that nothing is set in stone until the big reveal at the end of each episode. Whether you’re eagerly anticipating round three or simply curious about what surprises lay ahead – this season of ‘The Masked Singer’ won’t disappoint!

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