The Ultimate Guide to LEGO Masters Season 2: Behind the Scenes and Beyond

Step-by-Step: Creating the Ultimate LEGO Masterpiece

One of the greatest joys of being a LEGO enthusiast is undoubtedly the process of creating your very own masterpiece using nothing but those colorful, plastic bricks. Not only does it allow you to exercise your creativity and imagination muscles to their fullest, but it also provides a wonderful sense of accomplishment as you complete each step along the way.

To create the ultimate LEGO masterpiece, however, requires more than just slapping together a few bricks haphazardly. It requires planning, patience, and attention to detail. So without further ado, let’s dive into the step-by-step process for crafting your very own LEGO magnum opus.

Step 1: Choose your set-up

The first step in creating any successful LEGO masterpiece is choosing the right set-up for your project. Whether you prefer working at a desk or sprawled out on the floor, having enough space to work comfortably and keeping all of your bricks organized are key factors that can make or break your building experience.

Additionally, selecting a set-up that allows natural light will make it easier to see color differences in similar-looking bricks and overall create an optimal environment for building.

Step 2: Decide on Your Design

Next up on our step-by-step process involves deciding on what kind of design you want to build with LEGOs. From iconic world landmarks like the Eiffel Tower or Statue of Liberty (both which have already been made previously using LEGOs) to recreating pop culture moments from movies like Star Wars or Harry Potter and even coming up with something completely new – so many options exist.

Once you have settled on a plan for what design will be constructed through LEGOs begin thinking about different levels of detail- do you want this ultimate LEGO creation to be realistic looking? Cartoonish? Abstract?

Deciding how intricate or simple one’s creation wants it brings us back full circle regarding tools needed–whether someone will go for special pieces like axles and hinges seen often in Technic builds, or stick to plain old “brick on brick” click-together standard build.

Step 3: Choose your bricks

Now comes the fun part – choosing the bricks! When it comes to selecting the right bricks for your design, two things are crucial: quantity and quality.

Make sure you have enough of each type of brick necessary to bring your design to life. Imagine running out in the middle of a project – not cool! Additionally, having a mix of different brick sizes and colors will help add depth and texture to your creation

When it comes down to quality, sticking with LEGO brand is ideal as they are created with precision ensuring that pieces lock together without loose parts when building with them; furthermore its construction design makes the finished build stable- no accidental breakage by stepping on it.

Not only this but keep an eye out for limited edition or new release sets when feasible. These may be pricier than traditional brick packages but their unique color palettes could make all difference in finalizing one’s creation ideas.

Step 4: Start Building!

It’s time to finally get building! Starting with a solid foundation is key – taking inventory of required pieces before officially starting (a semi compulsory process) can become very tedious however personally saves a lot of time especially if someone accidentally skipped steps along the way (it happens).

The best approach is typically starting from the bottom up — meaning creating sturdy base/foundation then layering atop adding complexity as one progresses upwards following instructions provided (or self-drafting in freeform lego creations).

As tempting as it may be, avoid rushing through steps; pay close attention when constructing individual sections like walls or roofs. Although progress will seem slow compared other hobbies throughout but by taking sufficient time ensures there won’t chips within those pretty surfaces once completed.

Step 5: Decorate Your Creation

Once all necessary pieces are assembled and thoroughly checked over making sure that nothing is missing or out of place — It’s time to decorate the ultimate LEGO masterpiece! Express personality and add character by creating additional details with bricks or sprucing up the surrounding area it will eventually be on display.

The finishing touch can really sell ones creation, whether its sticking bright pink stickers for floral accents around a fairy tale castle, or placing intricately designed custom mini figures amidst completed build.

Step 6: Sharing Your Creation

What good is building an ultimate LEGO masterpiece if nobody gets to admire it? Once you have finished your creation, whether someone wants to keep it for him/herself proudly displayed as trophy piece, or even submitting images of one’s work to online communities such as r/Lego on Reddit; sharing creation with others guarantees plenty of constructive feedback along with positive reactions.

To sum everything up: Constructing ultimate LEGO masterpiece takes patience, detail oriented mind, organization skills coupled with appreciation all while having fun- but following these six simple steps can provide a blueprint to making thats next level final product many people dream of creating in their lifetime.

LEGO Masters Season 2 FAQs: What to Expect

Attention all LEGO lovers! The highly anticipated second season of LEGO Masters is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited. From jaw-dropping builds to nail-biting challenges, this show has it all. If you’re as hyped up as we are, then here’s a quick FAQ guide that will tell you everything you need to know about what to expect from LEGO Masters Season 2.

Q: Who’s hosting the second season?
A: The multi-talented Will Arnett is back as our favorite host with his witty humor and love for all things LEGO brick related.

Q: How many contestants are there?
A: Sixteen teams of two passionate builders will be competing against each other in a series of challenges designed to test their creativity, imagination, and skill.

Q: What kind of challenges will they face?
A: Rest assured that the challenges in Season 2 will be just as epic and mind-blowing as those in Season 1. From building elaborate theme parks to constructing life-size vehicles and sculptures, these contestants will have their work cut out for them.

Q: Will there be any celebrity guest judges?
A: Yes! Every week a different celebrity judge will make an appearance on the show including Mayim Bialik (The Big Bang Theory), Terry Crews (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), Phillip Lim (Fashion Designer), and some surprise celebrities along the way!

Q: Are there any twists or surprises?
A: Without giving too much away, let’s just say that this season is going to be full of twists and surprises that even seasoned fans may not see coming!

So get ready to watch your favorite contestants build under pressure while taking part in some exciting new challenges throughout the season. You wouldn’t want to miss this ultimate LEGO-building showdown where only one team can come out on top! Tune into FOX on June 1 at 8 PM EST/PST to catch all the action. Don’t forget to have fun, be creative and let your inner child run wild!

Top 5 Facts about LEGO Masters Season 2 You Need to Know

LEGO Masters Season 2 is finally here and fans of the show couldn’t be more excited! With its unique blend of creativity, design, and storytelling, LEGO Masters continues to captivate viewers with each passing episode. However, for those who are new to the show or just missed out on the first season – this blog post is for you! Here are the top 5 facts about LEGO Masters Season 2 that you need to know.

1. The Format Has Changed

One significant difference in LEGO Masters Season 2 is the format. Unlike last year where teams competed against one another throughout the competition, this year features individual contestants fighting for the title of LEGO Master. The change in setup promises a more intense and personal experience because it’s every person for themselves!

The contestants have been broken down into pairs to work together in various themes before ultimately competing solo at the end of each episode. This new format has brought a fresh twist to the show, making sure that prospective builders can bring their A-game from start till end.

2. There Are Lots Of Unique Challenges And Prizes

LEGO Masters Season 2 brings with it an array of exciting challenges every week that revolves around themed builds like “Mythical Creatures,” “Make It Float”, etc.. Contestants have a fixed time frame to build their models using LEGO bricks and come up with innovative and captivating designs that’ll leave viewers awestruck.

Additionally, there will be plenty of prizes all through this season too; from honoring some iconic moments from past seasons such as being able to keep something they built during the episode as a reward or earning an advantage in upcoming competitions.

3. Will Arnett Is Back As Host

LEGO After Dark founder Will Arnett returns again as host for Lego Masters Season Two. Known for his wit and humor he brought last season prior shows like Bojack Horseman and Arrested Development makes him possess just what LMS needs apart from his passion for LEGO. His sassy attitude won over the hearts of viewers last time and we can’t wait to see more wise-cracks overflow.

4. Guest Judges

Season 2 is packed with some exciting guest judges this year, adding a new flavor to each week’s episodes as contestants vie for their approval. The first episode features Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard, two key LEGO creative designers who judged the competition alongside Will Arnett himself! Throughout the season, other notable guests include Terry Crews, Mayim Bialik, Phil Lord and Chris Miller among others.

5. Expect Big Builds And Epic Stories!

Last year saw incredible builds made using different bricks that delighted every viewer at home but also crafted amazing narratives that took us on exciting journeys. This trend continues into Season 2 with breathtaking designs in store that will take the viewers on an emotional rollercoaster all through its diverse set of themes explored.

The producers have promised lots of twists and turns in every episode designed to test each contestant’s skill – so expect nothing but big builds that’ll leave you happily mesmerized once again this season!

In conclusion…

LEGO Masters Seasons 2 promises to be an outstanding one with suspenseful challenges, unique twists and turns while contestants create awe-inspiring models leaving audiences glued every week till we see who eventually wins it all!

How LEGO Masters Season 2 Will Push Contestants to Their Limits

LEGO Masters Season 2 is back and this time the contestants will be pushed to their absolute limits! The hit show that wowed audiences last year with its impressive LEGO creations and unique challenges is back, and it promises to be bigger, better, and even more exciting than before.

So what can we expect from LEGO Masters Season 2? Well, for starters, the challenges are going to be even tougher. This year’s contestants will need to have a mastery of all sorts of LEGO building techniques as they tackle everything from giant themed builds to life-size models of famous people.

But it’s not just about mastering building techniques – creativity is also going to play a huge role in this season. Contestants will need to think outside the box as they come up with innovative ways to showcase their skills. Whether it’s creating intricate mosaics or intricate moving sculptures, there’s no limit on what these talented builders can dream up!

Another exciting twist for Season 2 is the addition of new elements into the mix. Previous seasons mostly focused on standard bricks, but this time around we’ll see pieces like gears and motors being utilized in builds. This ramps up the difficulty level considerably since these pieces require a more technical understanding when incorporating them into designs.

As if that wasn’t enough pressure for our competitors already! To add onto that there are other factors like time constraints that keep adding cherry bombs here and there further making challenging notches difficult.

One thing that hasn’t changed (and should never) is the high standards expected by judges Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard who’ll put underprivileged legos through rigorous inspection on execution precision citing both internally consolidating & external aspects along with overall compliance towards inclusiveness.

The audience has always been one critical judge too when choosing fan favourites along with putting out constructive criticism across encouraging hashtags such as #LEGOMastersAU #letsbuild #dreambuilder which many talented builders love seeing frequently flash on social media.

In conclusion, LEGO Masters Season 2 is bound to be an exciting and nail-biting journey for both contestants & viewers alike. With its unique challenges, new elements, and intense competition, we can’t wait to see what our favorite builders come up with. It’s guaranteed to push these talented individuals beyond their limits and showcase just how limitless the world of LEGO building can be!

Breaking Down the Challenges of LEGO Masters Season 2

LEGO Masters season 2 is the ultimate challenge for LEGO enthusiasts all over the world. With the grand prize of $100,000, and an opportunity to display their skills and creativity to a massive audience, participants face limitless challenges that require not only technical know-how but artistic flair as well. While each contestant brings a unique perspective to the table, they are also confronted with various obstacles that put their building skills to the test.

So what exactly are some of the challenges faced in LEGO Masters season 2? Let’s take a closer look.

Firstly, time management can be a significant challenge when it comes to creating large-scale LEGO builds. The contestants have limited time frames to create structures that often exceed three feet in height or width, requiring them to work efficiently and quickly with one another despite their differences in approach. Additionally, there’s no margin for error; if you miss a deadline or go beyond your designated time period by even just minutes – your creation won’t be considered for judging.

Furthermore, building complex shapes from scratch demands precision and detail-orientedness while carrying out intense brainstorming sessions for original design concepts requires creativity in its purest form. What makes this aspect of LEGO Masters season 2 challenging is unpredictable twists thrown at contestants with every new episode – no two challenges are ever quite alike.

Moreover, dealing with partner-related conflicts can also plague teams working tirelessly together under immense pressure. While it sounds like an ideal environment to grow ideas through collaboration – at times disagreements arise on how best to approach each challenge. Teammates must ensure healthy communication channels remain open throughout all stages of construction & planning phases keeping everyone aligned towards one goal unitedly.

In conclusion, taking part in LEGO Masters season 2 is certainly not easy! Participants must bring their creative A-game coupled up expertise tackling head-on every obstacle that comes along way along with scrutinizing criticism; they receive from expert judges brick-by-brick comments on each move they make. But it’s this ultimate trial and error that makes the challenge so intriguing; the pure thrill of creation, ingenuity and imagination brought to life through one of the most beloved children’s toys? It doesn’t get much better than that!

Behind the Scenes of LEGO Masters Season 2: Interviews with the Cast and Crew

LEGO enthusiasts and fans of the hit show LEGO Masters were undoubtedly thrilled with the recent release of Season 2. This exciting new season showcases all kinds of incredible builds and challenges, but have you ever wondered what it’s really like behind the scenes? We had the opportunity to interview some of the cast and crew members involved in bringing LEGO Masters Season 2 to life, and discovered just how passionate and talented everyone involved truly is.

First up was executive producer Anthony Dominici, who has been a part of several popular shows such as The Voice and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. When we asked him about his experience working on LEGO Masters, he explained that it was unlike anything he had ever done before.

“LEGO Masters is such a unique show – it’s so creative! There are so many incredible builds that come out of each episode,” Dominici stated. “I love seeing how enthusiastic every single person on set is about LEGOs.”

Next, we spoke with host Will Arnett – also known for his role as Batman in The LEGO Movie franchise – who gave us some insight into what it’s like hosting a show about something he’s passionate about.

“Hosting LEGO Masters has been an absolute honor,” said Arnett. “I’ve always loved LEGOs – I grew up playing with them – so being able to witness these teams make such incredible creations week after week is unbelievable.”

We then chatted with head judge Jamie Berard, who happens to be a designer at The LEGO Group.

“As a builder myself, judging other builders’ work can be tough,” confessed Berard. “However, I feel privileged to be able to see such amazing creations from people all over America. It’s great exposure for this craft we’re all so passionate about.”

We also caught up with Amy Corbett (LEGO Senior Design Manager) who shared her take on putting together the different brick pits filled with various types of bricks that contestants manipulate during the show.

“It’s always fun to see how the teams make use of different bricks,” said Corbett. “I’ve seen them do things with LEGOs that I never would have thought of myself.”

Lastly, we spoke with production designer Douglass W. Mowat about creating the elaborate sets used throughout each episode.

“Each challenge on LEGO Masters requires a completely unique set, which can be challenging,” explained Mowat. “It’s important for us to really think outside the box and come up with something that works both aesthetically and functionally for the builders.”

It is obvious that the folks behind LEGO Masters Season 2 put their hearts and souls into making an incredibly entertaining show, while also giving a platform for these talented individuals to showcase their love of LEGOs. We can’t wait to keep watching and see just what else this season has in store!

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