People are doing this Barbie trend! Is it safe?

The barbie movie didn’t just drop, no it came with a trend. What a way to kick start the virality of this movie everybody’s talking about.


OMG! You won’t believe the latest TikTok craze that’s sweeping social media after the release of the Barbie movie! It’s called the Barbie Feet challenge, and it’s causing a major stir among fans. But hold on, girl, health experts are sounding the alarm about this “dangerous” trend!

So, like, in the Barbie movie, there’s this scene where Margot Robbie’s feet step out of heels, and they’re totally arched like those iconic Barbie dolls we all know and love. Fans went gaga over it, and soon enough, everyone wanted to try it themselves. Thus, the Barbie Feet challenge was born!

TikTok is blowing up with over 40 million views on the hashtag, and people are posting videos left and right, attempting to recreate Margot’s fab foot scene. But here’s the tea: health experts are throwing shade on this trend!

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Dr. Jodi R. Schoenhaus, a foot guru, spilled the beans on why this trend might not be as fabulous as it seems. She warned that while the Barbie Arch may give you the illusion of longer, toned legs, it comes with risks. If you do it once or twice for a fun TikTok moment, you’re probs okay. But strutting around like Barbie on the daily could lead to serious ankle issues, ligament sprains, and even mess up your lower back! Not to mention, it’s a total no-no for the younger girls whose bodies are still growing. Ouch!

Some people think it’s just like wearing heels, but Dr. Schoenhaus dropped the truth bomb in an NYPost indicating it’s not the same! When you rock heels, they provide some support to your feet, but the Barbie arch is all show, no support. It’s like walking on your tippy-toes, and we all know that’s not a cute look for a long time!

Doesn’t look bad though! Pretty cool trend or nah?  Tell us what you think! 💅👠


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