Meet the Memorable Cast of Big Brother Season 9

How Was the Big Brother Cast 9 Chosen? Behind-the-Scenes Details

The popular reality TV show Big Brother has captured the hearts and minds of viewers from around the globe for over two decades now. A major aspect that draws audiences to the show is the cast; a carefully chosen mix of diverse personalities, all competing against each other in-house. Every year, we eagerly anticipate the reveal of a group of strangers who are about to enter into one of television’s most intense social experiments. But just how are these contestants chosen? In this blog, we will delve deeper into the selection process for Big Brother 9 and share some intriguing behind-the-scenes details.

Firstly, we need to understand that there is no singular method used by producers when selecting contestants for Big Brother. It changes every year and always depends on various factors such as current events, current trends, audience demand etc. For example, after 9/11 in America or during social movements like MeToo or Black Lives Matter, big brother produces active look out for contestants that would be able to spark conversations around these topics.

For season 9 of Big Brother which aired in 2008 during an economic recession), producers enlisted their standard approach by first opening up applications via an online portal where applicants filled out their personal information (such as name, age, employment status) as well as answering a number of questions with some requiring lengthy written responses. These questions gave potential Houseguests an opportunity to showcase their unique personality traits even before they met with casting directors.

After initial review of online applications countless Houseguests were invited from all across America for auditions conducted in different cities across USA starting from Los Angeles California down to Atlanta Georgia or New York City etc., They ranged from open casting calls held at hotels beforehand to more exclusive private sessions designed explicitly for candidates with significant social media influence.

Applicants selected by casting directors went through multiple rounds where they answered comprehensive surveys and questions about their personalities which often gets really interested: “What would you say is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?”. These questions were designed and juggled in such a manner which left no stones unturned about contestants’ personalities, goals and objectives.

After a few rounds of intensive vetting, the final shortlist of Houseguests was submitted to CBS Network Studio executives. The production team then evaluated each of the finalists, including their profiles and video interviews, after which they had to make some tough decisions on who would be featured on the final program line-up.

It’s safe to say that once selected finalists are put through extensive background checks before officially being invited into Big Brother house.

In conclusion, it’s quite clear that selecting contestants for Big Brother (season 9) wasn’t an easy task. After all the auditions from different parts USA, cutting-edge personality vetting tools were used by producers behind closed doors in Los Angeles to select those who were truly amazing people suited for life inside the house – some funny ones too! All selected participants were also put under scrutiny in order to ensure production stays consistent with their desired aims. While there may be many theories and rumors circulating as to how Houseguests get chosen every season – ultimately it must remain valuable part of show that only insiders know best: from selection process down to direction of candid behavior when reality TV cameras start rolling.

Big Brother Cast 9: Step-by-Step Guide to Auditioning and Casting Process

The Big Brother Reality TV series is one of the most popular and addictive shows on television today. It’s no wonder that people from all walks of life are eager to participate in this iconic reality show. However, the auditioning and casting process for Big Brother is not an easy feat, as producers carefully handpick the cast members who will make it onto the show.

So, if you’re planning on becoming a part of Big Brother’s ninth cast, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you with the auditioning and casting process:

Step 1: Check Out Eligibility Requirements

Before diving into anything else regarding auditions or applications it’s important to note eligibility requirements. The main rule for applying to be a contestant on ‘Big Brother’ is that applicants must be 21 years old by June of application year (22-37 age range) U.S citizen or permanent resident living in U.S. Pass criminal background check and studio medical examination.

Step 2: Decide Why You Want To Be On The Show

Make sure you know why you want to be on Big Brother before applying. Are you looking for fame or glory? Do you want to win money or become a popular personality? Knowing your motivations can help guide how you present yourself during interviews and applications.

Step 3: Submit Your Application

Applications for Big Brother typically open after each season ends, so keep an eye out during off-season months around October-November time frame. Ensure that you fill out all sections with proper detail when submitting video submissions these have been known help stand-out candidates apartfrom other applicants.

Step 4: Attend An Open Casting Call Or Virtual Audition

Wether it’s virtual or in person there may still be worth attending see if your personality shines through that digital platform screen theres something special about being charismatic in-person.

During casting calls contestants get three minutes between two cameras without aides such as music videos or backing vocals routinely would need to be included in a recorded twelve minute video. Moreover, auditions in person give the producers an opportunity to see how well you engage and interact with others.

Step 5: Keep Your Fingers Crossed And Wait For A Call

After completing the audition process both via application and virtual/in-person interviews candidates have one final hurdle – waiting. Applicants usually must wait nearly six months before hearing from Big Brother regarding their acceptance into this series.

In conclusion to those passionate about becoming participants on ‘Big Brother,’ there is no perfect prescription for landing casting opportunities. Typically, contestants are selected based upon individual character traits that’ll align with overall theme of upcoming seasons. Stick to your true character qualities whilst having fun , relax and understand that should not overthink the auditioning process since it robs you of spontaneity during auditions.

FAQs about Big Brother Cast 9: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re a fan of reality TV shows, then you’ve probably heard of the infamous program called “Big Brother”. For those who are not familiar with the show, it’s essentially a competition-based reality game where a group of strangers are locked in a house together for several weeks. During this time, they must compete in challenges and vote their fellow housemates out until only one person remains and wins the grand prize.

Now, with almost 20 years on-air and multiple seasons under its belt, Big Brother has managed to maintain its loyal fan base all around the world. Some have even become diehard fans who are quite invested in knowing everything there is to know about each season’s cast members.

So if you’re interested in learning more about Big Brother Season 9’s cast members, look no further because we’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions about them:

1. Who were the contestants on Big Brother Season 9?

The Season 9 cast consisted of 16 houseguests: Adam Jasinski, Alex Coladonato, Allison Nichols, Amanda Hansen, Chelsia Hart, Jacob Heald aka ‘Jacob the fumigator’, James Zinkand aka ‘Jedi James’, Jen Diturno aka ‘Punk Jenn’, Joshuah Welch aka ‘Josh’, Matt McDonald , Natalie Cunial , Neil Garcia , Parker Somerville , Ryan Quicksall (who married Jen Johnson from season eight) Sharon Obermueller , Sheila Kennedy

2. Who won Big Brother Season 9?

Adam Jasinski walked away with the grand prize after winning a unanimous vote against his final opponent Ryan Quicksall.

3. Were there any controversial moments during Season 9?

One of the most infamous incidents on this season was when two houseguests (Joshuah Welch and Chelsia Hart) mocked Amanda Hansen by processing raw chicken near her bed after she accidentally dropped some of the meat on the kitchen floor. This caused a major stir on social media, and many fans called for Josh and Chelsia to be expelled from the game.

4. Did any of the contestants go on to pursue a career in showbiz?

None of them achieved significant mainstream success after their appearance on Big Brother Season 9, but some have remained involved in reality television as either cast members or producers.

5. Is there anything else notable about this season?

Season 9 was unique in that it featured a ‘couples twist’, where the contestants were required to pair up with another housemate before entering the house. However, throughout the course of the game, these pairs were split up multiple times through various challenges and twists.

In conclusion, while Big Brother’s ninth season did not produce any major breakout stars or stunning scandals that would change its trajectory as a TV property forever – it certainly provided its loyal fan base with hours upon hours of exciting gameplay, backstabbing antics and strategic moves that drew viewers in week after week. And if you’re one of those hardcore BB fans who just can’t get enough behind-the-scenes trivia about your favorite contestants — we hope this rundown has satisfied your cravings!

Top 5 Fascinating Facts About the Big Brother Cast 9 You Probably Didn’t Know

If you’re a fan of Big Brother, then chances are you’ve already thoroughly researched every little detail about your favorite contestants. But with each season comes a new group of housemates, and while we may think we know everything there is to know about them from their pre-season interviews, there are always some fascinating facts lurking beneath the surface that are just waiting to be uncovered.

So, without further ado, here are the top 5 most fascinating facts about the Big Brother Cast 9 that you probably didn’t know:

1. Adam Jasinski Actually Worked at a Psychiatric Hospital

Adam Jasinski made his way into America’s hearts (and onto Big Brother) by winning the $500,000 grand prize in season 9. But did you know that before he was rubbing elbows with his fellow housemates, he worked as a public relations consultant for a psychiatric hospital? Talk about an interesting career change!

2. Natalie Cunial Was a Champion Bodybuilder

While she may not have won any physical competitions during her time in the Big Brother house, season 9’s Natalie Cunial was actually a champion bodybuilder before she even set foot inside those infamous walls.

3. Ryan Quicksall Has an Impressive College Degree

For many viewers of Big Brother season 9, Ryan Quicksall may have come across as just another muscle-bound oaf trying to win over the ladies with his good looks and charm. But in reality, this lovable goofball has an impressive college degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology – something that puts him head-and-shoulders above some of his less-educated competitors.

4. Jen Diturno is an Unapologetic Meathead

If there’s one thing we love about Jen Diturno from season 9 of Big Brother, it’s her unapologetic love for all things fitness-related. This Illinois-native owns her own Crossfit gym, and she’s not afraid to show off her impressive toned physique at every opportunity. But for all her muscles, Jen was still one of the friendliest and most approachable housemates of season 9.

5. Matt McDonald Has a Criminal Record

And finally, we have season 9’s resident bad boy – Matt McDonald. While he may have presented himself as just another friendly guy-next-door type during his time on Big Brother, it turns out that Matt actually has a criminal record that includes charges for drug possession and driving under the influence. But hey, everybody loves a good redemption story right?

So there you have it – five fascinating facts about the Big Brother Cast 9 that you probably didn’t know before reading this article. Whether you’re an avid fan of the show or just mildly interested in keeping up with the latest reality TV drama, it’s always fun to learn something new about our favorite contestants!

The Rise and Fall of the Most Memorable Players from Big Brother Cast 9

Big Brother Cast 9, also known as “The ‘Til Death Do You Part” season, may not be the most memorable season of Big Brother history, but it did bring us some notable players. From villainous and strategic schemers to lovable underdogs and showmances, here’s a look back at the rise and fall of the most memorable players from Big Brother Cast 9.

1. Adam Jasinski
Adam Jasinski entered the house with a strategy to play a villainous game. He formed alliances with almost every member in the house and played both sides until he was eventually exposed as a liar. However, his redemption arc came when he formed a strong bond with Sharon Obermueller, which led him to make one of the most selfless moves in Big Brother history – giving up his half-million-dollar prize money to help her sick son. Unfortunately, Jasinski’s illegal drug selling activities post-show landed him in federal prison with fellow castmate Matt McDonald.

2. Ryan Quicksall
Ryan Quicksall was initially seen as just an agreeable guy who had Kate Edmondson as his partner-in-crime for this season. But it was during Week 5 that he started playing an active role by forming several alliances while keeping himself off everyone’s radars (even though people did suspect him). He went on to win HoH twice but failed when it really mattered, costing him a spot in the finale.

3. Sheila Kennedy
Sheila Kennedy made waves throughout her time on Big Brother Cast 9 because she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind – sometimes even too much so for her own good. Her showmance, “America’s Player” James Zinkand worked against her almost from the start and turned public opinion against her quickly because they saw them turning into secondary villains alongside Joshuah Welch and Chelsia Hart convincing America that their lies were only committed to make good television. Sheila lasted until a surprising Round 10 eviction when she was voted out by Adam and Ryan.

4. James Zinkand
James Zinkand entered the house promising viewers that he will get famous using CBS’s national platform, but America never bought into his obsessive “Rockstar” Keith Moon references throughout the season, nor did many took him seriously after he got caught in multiple lies and failed to find any loyalties fast enough to save himself post-Joshuah/Welch alliance fallout.

5. Natalie Cunial
Natalie Cunial, aka “Chatty Nat,” was originally not seen as a threat. She won HoH during Week 3, showcasing her physical prowess and challenging expectations of a smaller statured female player while becoming best-loved friends with eventual winner Adam Jasinski. Her friendship with Matt McDonald also proved fruitful as they became an unexpected duo who were able to work together despite their differences. However, things soured for Natalie when towards the end of the game she had no one else to turn to except sticking with Ryan Quicksall – even though this alliance wouldn’t guarantee either player making it till the finale.

6. Chelsia Hart
Chelsia Hart emerged as a fan-favourite due to her unrelenting insults towards Allison Nichols (who was seen more & more likeable among fans), Rachel/Brandon Villegas’ behaviour inside & outside the house on BB9 after someone leaked off-season recordings online) making her hated couple tagalong counterpart James Zinkand’s shadow less of an issue for fans; gaining numerous supporters even when playing wild card moves such as backdooring Sharon Obermueller before eventually getting voted out.

Big Brother Cast 9 may not have all-time greats or established stars that we think of today, but these six players still left an indelible mark on their season – whether through villainy, heroism or sheer entertainment.

Big Brother Alliances and Drama: A Look Back at the BB Cast 9 Season.

If you’re a fan of reality TV, then the show Big Brother needs no introduction. This hit CBS show has been on the air for over 20 years and has amassed a loyal following of viewers. One of the reasons why it’s so popular is because of the alliances and drama that happens between the cast members.

Let’s take a look back at season 9 of Big Brother, which aired in 2008. The cast consisted of some memorable characters (and not always for good reasons) such as Sheila Kennedy, who was known for her constant crying and fights with Adam Jasinski.

One of the most infamous alliances formed during this season was between James Zinkand, Chelsia Hart, and Joshuah Welch. They called themselves “The Insane Asylum” and were known for their outbursts and aggressive gameplay. Their biggest move came when they convinced Sharon Obermueller to use her Power of Veto to save one of their alliance members instead of nominating someone from outside their group.

However, like all good things in Big Brother, their alliance eventually crumbled due to internal conflicts and trust issues. In fact, towards the end of the season, Joshuah turned on his own alliance member Chelsia during a heated argument.

Another standout moment from this season was when Adam Jasinski made some controversial comments about autism during a conversation with fellow housemate Natalie Cunial. His remarks caused outrage among fans watching from home and led to him losing his job as a publicist after leaving the house.

Overall, Season 9 may not have been one of Big Brother’s strongest seasons in terms of gameplay or likable characters – but it definitely delivered on drama! From alliances breaking down to offensive remarks causing outrage outside the house, there was never a dull moment.

Looking back at past seasons like this really showcases how much drama can impact viewer’s interests in long-standing TV shows- maybe Season 9 wasn’t as strong for Big Brother but, ultimately, drama and controversy kept people coming back.

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