LEGO Masters: Who's Left?

Season 2

Last updated on September 23rd, 2021

Who are the remaining LEGO Masters? Below is a list of who’s left in the LEGO Masters Build House:

Steven & Mark is still in to win LEGO MastersSteven & Mark
Zack & Wayne is still in to win LEGO MastersZack & Wayne
Runners Up
Caleb & Jacob is still in to win LEGO MastersCaleb & Jacob
Third Place

Lego Masters (stylized as LEGO Masters) is an American reality competition television series that premiered on Fox on February 5, 2020. The series is based on the British series of the same name. Each episode features teams of two building Lego projects from a vast array of bricks and parts to meet both creative and practical goals set by the challenge for a particular episode. The show is hosted and executive produced by Will Arnett, with Lego Group creative designers Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard serving as the show’s judges. Various guest stars have also served as hosts and judges.

On November 11, 2020, the series was renewed for a second season that premiered in June 2021.

The series follows teams consisting of two Lego-building competitors, tasked with building creations out of Lego pieces based on a given theme within a given time period. After the allotted time to build, the teams demonstrate their creations to host Will Arnett and two expert judges from the Lego Group: Amy Corbett, a senior design manager at Lego, and Jamie Berard, who oversees the Lego Creator Expert and Lego Architecture lines at Lego. The experts name the winning build and as well as the bottom two teams, explaining why teams were selected in this fashion. They then announce the losing team, who, save for the first week, is eliminated from the competition. In addition to this judging, Amy and Jamie provide suggestions to the teams mid-way through the build. The first episode awarded the team with the best design judged by the experts with the Golden Brick, which they can use on any other challenge, after the build period but before the judging, to automatically advance to the next challenge if they do not feel confident about their work. Once they turn in the Golden Brick for immunity, it is then made available as the reward for the next challenge. The season will culminate in a finale, in which top teams compete for a $100,000, a Lego Masters trophy, and the title of Lego Master.

Who was eliminated from Season 2 of LEGO Masters?

Tim & Zach is out on LEGO MastersTim & Zach
Eliminated on Episode 3
"Make And Shake"
Susan & Jen is out on LEGO MastersSusan & Jen
Eliminated on Episode 6
"Demolition Derby"
Michelle & Natalie is out on LEGO MastersMichelle & Natalie
Eliminated on Episode 11
Moto & Paras is out on LEGO MastersMoto & Paras
Eliminated on Episode 4
"Hats Incredible!"
Lauren & Bryan is out on LEGO MastersLauren & Bryan
Eliminated on Episode 8
"Puppet Masters"
Dave & Richard is out on LEGO MastersDave & Richard
Eliminated on Episode 9
"Land & Sea"
Maria & Philip is out on LEGO MastersMaria & Philip
Eliminated on Episode 7
"Bricking Wind"
Jack & Dawn is out on LEGO MastersJack & Dawn
Eliminated on Episode 2
"Hero Shot!"
Syreeta & Randall is out on LEGO MastersSyreeta & Randall
Eliminated on Episode 5
"One Floating Brick"

This website was designed and created for the sole purpose of letting people know quickly and easily who is left on the Lego Masters TV show. After several searches on Google I found there wasn’t an easy way to tell which contestants on survivor still remained on the island! So I took it upon myself to create one.

I’m not trying to undermine Fox, I love the show Lego Masters, it’s just that there was no fast and simple way to find out who is gone from Lego Masters and who is still building.

All images taken from the cast page of the official Lego Masters website. Show description copied from Wikipedia. Season 1 Results.