Inside Scoop on Kikibees CEO’s Mysterious Passing; Empress Gifty Takes a Stand on Side Chicks

This week, Empress Gifty, the Ghanaian gospel singer, gained attention for her admonition to women involved with married men, urging them to refrain from keeping the affairs to themselves. She emphasized the difficulty of eradicating the ‘side chick-married man’ dynamic, suggesting that rather than maintaining exclusive control over these men, it would be preferable for the women to share them.

In a separate development, Ghanaians were stunned and bewildered by the news of the passing of Mr. Bennet Adomah Agyekum, the CEO of Kikibees and Noire Lounge. More information is gradually emerging, as the public is actively seeking clarification and any potential clues related to his unexpected demise. A video, purportedly his final post on a social media platform, surfaced online, accompanied by a cryptic message, prompting an outpouring of tributes in his honor.

Meanwhile, Obaapa Gladys, the latest sensation in Ghana renowned for her hit song “Cobra,” has openly expressed her admiration for the Dancehall King, Shatta Wale. She has even expressed her desire to collaborate with him on a musical project.


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