Headless chicken! Shatta Wale Controversy: Arnold Asamoah’s Epic Clap Back at Critics Sparks Online Firestorm – Must-Read Reactions!

Entertainment critic and commentator Arnold Asamoah Baidoo has criticized industry figures for their selective support of Shatta Wale, following the controversy sparked by Kwasi Aboagye’s skepticism of the artist’s £80,000 performance fee claim at the Ghana Music Awards UK 2023.

Expressing his dismay, Baidoo pointed out the apparent double standard within the industry, where individuals readily defend Shatta Wale’s actions but fail to hold him accountable for his own questionable behavior towards others in the creative arts sector.

In a recent Facebook post addressing the Shatta Wale – Kwasi Aboagye feud, Baidoo commented, “THIS INDUSTRY… Sometimes, you sit and observe how things unfold in this industry and can’t help but smirk! See how many industry folks are running around on this app like headless chicken – huffing and puffing over Kwasi Aboagye’s commentary.”

“I don’t begrudge them; they are entitled to express their opinion, just as Kwasi did. What is befuddling is how these persons go mute when Shatta Wale does the same or worse. This malafaka can and does attack any and everybody as and when he wants, but when he is given a little, just a little dosage of his own medicine then these stooges would be all over the place, sulking like babies.
Get a grip, all you malafakas!” Arnold Asamoah wrote on his Facebook page in reaction to the Shatta-Wale – Kwasi Aboagye feud.

Baidoo emphasized that while everyone is entitled to their opinion, it is puzzling to witness the silence of those who typically support Shatta Wale’s actions, even when he unfairly attacks others. He further criticized the tendency of some individuals to become defensive when Shatta Wale faces criticism.

The dispute arose after Kwasi Aboagye disputed Shatta Wale’s claim of receiving £80,000 for his performance, arguing that it was implausible given the expenses incurred by the event organizers for Shatta Wale and his team.

In response to Aboagye’s remarks, Shatta Wale launched a strong verbal assault on Aboagye and the owners of Despite Media, the organization that employs the radio presenter. Despite the backlash, Aboagye stood by his statement, maintaining that Shatta Wale’s claim was untrue.

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