Do you know how to train a child? – Mzbel and Afia Schwarzenegger’s Clash Over Child Upbringing

Ghanaian singer Mzbel has hit back at Afia Schwarzenegger following the latter’s criticism of her son’s public appeal for a laptop, which he claimed was necessary for his studies.

Mzbel’s son made a plea during an interview, seeking assistance from the public to acquire a laptop for his personal use.

Afia Schwarzenegger, in response, pledged to provide the laptop but also chastised Mzbel for what she perceived as poor parenting and financial instability.

In her defense against Afia Schwarzenegger’s comments, Mzbel showcased the numerous laptops and computers in her possession and condemned the latter for making disparaging remarks about her son’s request.

Afia Schwarzenegger’s contentious remarks that sparked the controversy were: “Call the Uber driver and take the laptop to Mzbel’s son because he was asking for it in an interview. Even if I die, my son won’t go to social media to ask for a laptop.

“Stop comparing me to broke people because none of my children will sit on social media and beg for a laptop. He said, ‘I am begging a tech company to buy me a laptop.’ That is an embarrassment.”

In response to Afia Schwarzenegger’s claims, Mzbel said, “Even people’s children, I have bought laptops for them yet we have not made it public. You [Afia Schwarzenegger] are coming to tell me we need a laptop. Your Vietnam kids that you left them in my house, who taught them how to brush their teeth?

“Do you know how to train children? You went for an orphanage baby so you could beg for money from people. Are you a parent? My son was asking Tech companies to sponsor him with laptops to use for a review, that was what he was asking for.”

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