Big Brother Who's Left

Current Season: 22 - All-Stars

Last updated on July 9th, 2021

Who are the remaining Big Brother contestants? Below is a list of who’s left in the Big Brother House.

Cody Calaflore is still in to win Big BrotherCody Calaflore
Winner of BB All Stars
Enzo Palumbo is still in to win Big BrotherEnzo Palumbo

Big Brother: All-Stars, also known as Big Brother 22, is the twenty-second season of the television reality program Big Brother. The season premiered on August 5, 2020 and is broadcast on CBS in the United States and simulcast on Global in Canada. The show chronicles a group of former contestants, known as HouseGuests, as they compete to be the last competitor remaining to win a grand prize of $500,000. Julie Chen Moonves is hosting the season. For the first time since Big Brother: Over the Top, the program featured a live premiere.

CBS renewed Big Brother for an additional season on September 5, 2019 before the twenty-first season concluded. On the same day, Julie Chen Moonves was confirmed to return as host. The start of the season was delayed approximately six weeks, due to the impacts of COVID-19.

Frequently Asked Questions about Big Brother

Who is head of household on Big Brother Season 22, All-Stars?

Current HOH: Nicole Franzel (won first of the final three HOH competitions), Cody Calafiores (won second and third of the final three HOH competitions)

Past HOH’s:
Week 1 – Cody Calafiore
Week 2 – Robert “Memphis” Garrett
Week 3 – Tyler Crispen
Week 4 – Enzo Palumbo
Week 5 – Christmas Abbot
Week 6 – Dani Briones
Week 7 – Memphis Garrett
Week 8 – Cody Calafiore
Week 9 – HOH1: Memphis Garrett | HOH2: Tyler Crispen | HOH3: Cody Calafiore
Week 10: Nicole Franzen
Week 11: Enzo Palumbo

Previous HOH’s:

Who is up for eviction in the Big Brother House for Season 22: All-Stars?

On the block for eviction: No more eviction block. Down to the final 3. Winner of 3rd HOH decides who they take to the final 2 for the vote to decide who wins.

Who has the Power of Veto in the Big Brother House for Season 22: All-Stars?

Current POV:

Previous POV:
Week 1 – Enzo Palumbo (did not use)
Week 2 – Robert “Memphis” Garrett (did not use)
Week 3 – Cody Calafiore (did not use)
Week 4 – Kevin Campbell (used on himself, Christmas replaced him)
Week 5 – Christmas Abbot (did not use)
Week 6 – Da’Vonne Rogers – (she used it to remove Kevin. HOH Dani then put Ian up in his place.)
Week 7 – Tyler Crispen (did not use)
Week 8 – Cody Calafiore (He did not use it)
Week 9 – POV1: Christmas Abbott (did not use) | POV2: Tyler Crispen (did not use) | POV3: Cody Calafiore (did not use)
Week 10 – Nicole Franzel (did not use)
Week 11 – Cody Calafiore (did not use)

Who is still in the Big Brother House for Season 22: All-Stars?

Cody Calafiore, Vincenzo “Enzo” Palumbo

Who Has Been Evicted on Big Brother Season 22: All-Stars?

In this order: Keesha Smith, Nicole Anthony, Janelle Pierzina, Kaysar Ridha, Bayleigh Dayton, Ian Terry, Da’Vonne Rogers, Kevin Campbell, David Alexander, Dani Briones, Tyler Crispen, Memphis Garret, Christmas Abbot, Nicole Franzel

Who are the members of the jury for Big Brother Season 22: All-Stars?

Ian Terry, Da’Vonne Rogers, Kevin Campbell, David Alexander, Dani Briones, Tyler Crispen, Memphis Garret, Christmas Abbot, Nicole Franzel

Who has Powers currently in the Big Brother House for Season 22: All-Stars?

Christmas had the Blocker power. She could’ve  used this to block herself or another houseguest from being a replacement nominee at the veto meeting. Must be used after the POV is used and before the HOH chooses a replacement. Her power expired.

Dani had the Replay power. She could’ve  used this to allow the leaving HOH to play in the next HOH competition. Her power expired.

David Alexander had the Disrupt power. He used it week 6 to keep himself safe from elimination.

What day do they have the power of veto competition on Big Brother?

Typically the POV competition is held on a Saturday, unless they do a live competition.

This site often shows results before the show airs, how is that possible?

Live feeds! Obviously since the house guests are in the house 24/7, and the show only airs 3 days a week, they have to do the non-live events during the week and it’s easy to see what the results are via the live feeds. And even if you miss what happened, the live feeds have awesome chat rooms where you can ask others watching what’s happened.

What is a Have Not?

Have Not is a sort of punishment in Big Brother. If you are a have not, you sleep in a special room, on a cot. You can only take cold showers, and you can only eat slop (most likely oatmeal of some sort) for the whole week.

What can the house guests do in the Big Brother House?

The only reading material allowed in the big brother house is a bible (or other religious book). There are no TV’s (except the ones that show feeds), no radios, no magazines, and no books. The house guests pass their time talking to each other, playing games in the yard, exercising, eatin, and sleeping. That’s about it.

Where is the Big Brother house located?

The big brother “house” isn’t actually a house. It’s a studio on the CBS lot. You can clearly see the yard when viewing the location from Google Maps.

How does part 1-3 of Head of Household Comps work?

The winner of part 1 advances directly to the HOH final (part 3). The two other houseguests compete in part 2.The winner of part 2 competes against the winner of part 1 for part 3 The winner of part 3 is HOH and decides which other houseguest to take with them to the final. So really, you could lose both of the HOH competition parts and still win Big Brother if you get selected to the final and jury votes you the winner.

Who was evicted or banished from the house in Big Brother: Season 22 – All Stars

Christmas Abbott is out on Big BrotherChristmas Abbott
David Alexander is out on Big BrotherDavid Alexander
Nicole Anthony is out on Big BrotherNicole Anthony
Eliminated week 2
Dani Briones is out on Big BrotherDani Briones
Kevin Kevin "KC" Campbell
Tyler Crispen is out on Big BrotherTyler Crispen
Bayleigh Dayton is out on Big BrotherBayleigh Dayton
Eliminated week 5
Nicole Franzel is out on Big BrotherNicole Franzel
Memphis Garrett is out on Big BrotherMemphis Garrett
Janelle Pierzina is out on Big BrotherJanelle Pierzina
Eliminated week 3
Kaysar Ridha is out on Big BrotherKaysar Ridha
Eliminated week 4
Da'Vonne Rogers is out on Big BrotherDa'Vonne Rogers
Keesha Smith is out on Big BrotherKeesha Smith
Eliminated week 1
Ian Terry is out on Big BrotherIan Terry
Eliminated week 6

This website was designed and created for the sole purpose of letting people know quickly and easily who is left on the Big Brother TV show. After several searches on Google I found there wasn’t an easy way to tell which contestants on big brother still remained in the house! So I took it upon myself to create one.

I’m not trying to undermine CBS, I love the show Big Brother, it’s just that there was no fast and simple way to find out who is gone from the Big Brother House and who is not.