Big Brother Update: Latest Evictions and Drama Inside the House

How the Eviction Process Works: Understanding Who Has Been Evicted on Big Brother

Reality TV shows have taken the world by storm, and Big Brother is one show that has stood the test of time. The show’s format is quite simple; contestants are put in a house together, and their every move is recorded for weeks on end. Each week, Big Brother gives contestants tasks to complete, and the public votes to decide who stays or goes.

Although the evictions seem straightforward, there’s more to them than meets the eye. So, how does the eviction process work on Big Brother?

The Process of Eviction

In each weekly nomination round, each contestant within the house nominates two other contestants for eviction in a secret ballot. The two with the most nominations go through to face eviction. Once they have been nominated for eviction by their fellow housemates, it becomes a public vote.

On eviction night (usually Friday), lines open during “Big Brother’s Bit On The Side” which runs from 11:15 pm starring Rylan Clark-Neal or Emma Willis who present ‘live’ from Elstree Studios and viewers can start casting votes using their phone or online.

During that period while people are voting for someone not to leave the house before 10 pm of voting closing time depending on different seasons – this might change – Housemates can give their last pleas to not be voted out either via diary room entry or address directly to others in live broadcast moments before voting ends.

After all lines are closed, an NTA (Nomination Telephone Awards) team verifies all votes cast against ITVP Epremiere Voting System Rules ensuring all voting systems have not been tampered with potentially enabling fraudulent outcomes). When counting finished then announced whose combination gets lowest votes will be publicly asked to leave/evicted that evening straightaway in front of a screaming crowd waiting outside at Elstree studios.

Why Some Contestants Receive More Votes than Others

Not all reasons why someone receives more votes than another boils down to their likability within the house. Some contestants strategize and vote for weaker players, knowing that they stand a better chance of winning if those people are up for eviction.

In contrast, some contestants gain sympathy votes when they’re nominated repeatedly or have been bullied by another contestant in the house, but generally, contestants who show a certain level of kindness, loyalty, and entertainment value tend to garner higher numbers of supporters.

Big Brother is a fascinating reality TV show that has captivated audiences worldwide since its inception. However, watching contestants get evicted from the comfort of our homes can make it easy to forget that there’s more to it than meets the eye. Hopefully, this article has given you an insight into what goes on during an eviction process and how it works on Big Brother.

Step-by-Step: Tracking Who Has Been Evicted on Big Brother

Big Brother is a reality TV show that has taken the world by storm. With its unique concept of locking people up in a house, away from the outside world and letting them be under constant surveillance by cameras, this show has managed to attract a massive following. The game is simple – each week, one or more housemates are nominated for eviction, and viewers vote for who they want to stay. The one with the least votes gets evicted.

But as exciting as it might sound, keeping track of who’s been evicted can be quite difficult because there are so many twists and turns in the show. So if you’re an avid Big Brother viewer and want to keep tabs on which contestant got sent packing recently, we’ve got you covered! Here’s how you can track who has been evicted on Big Brother step-by-step:

Step 1: Watch the show

The first step is pretty self-explanatory; you need to watch Big Brother! Alternatively, if you missed an episode, catch-up services such as Hulu might work.

Step 2: Understand how eviction works

Before tracking who’s been evicted each week, it’s essential to know about the eviction process first. Usually, around mid-week or during weekends while watching Big Brother live feed sessions or tuning into primetime broadcasts catch up on eviction criteria so that when it comes time for nomination challenges involving veto competition challenges one knows what’s happening also ensuring they make informed decisions.

Step 3: Follow eviction episodes

Eviction episodes take place once a week (most likely every Thursday) where viewers get to see which contestants have received nominations before being put up against each other – young curious minds should note that even popular contestants may receive several nominations too afterall this is not called “big brother” without having thick protocols!

Step 4: Keep score with your own list

As soon as someone gets evicted from the BB House or voluntarily walks out, keep track of it! Maintaining a personal list helps viewers know which housemates are still remaining in the competition and who has been eliminated. It also helps keep track of when someone was evicted for future reference to see how long they lasted.

Step 5: Check news out

With social media and so many sources, you can stay up to date with every Big Brother update just from your mobile device. With interactive live updates from Instagram Live, Twitter feeds or monitoring all televised edited footage can help discover more about the contestants’ daily lives while also offering an understanding of their strategies.

In conclusion, tracking who’s been evicted on Big Brother is relatively easy once you get the hang of it by jeering on via interactive mediums such as Social media handles through feeds like blogs/vlogs even after finishing your episode looks for theorization theories or any other kind to be partaking don’t forget will only add to the excitement. All these steps mentioned can help you become an expert in tracking who’s in and out on this reality show!

Frequently Asked Questions About Who Has Been Evicted on Big Brother

Big Brother has been on the air for over two decades and has amassed a massive following of loyal viewers who tune in every season to see how the contestants will fare while living in the most high-pressure environment imaginable. With each new season comes a new crop of houseguests, all vying for the grand prize and struggling to survive week after week. Naturally, with such high stakes involved, there are always plenty of questions about which contestants have been evicted from the game, when they were voted out, and what led to their downfall.

Here are some frequently asked questions about who has been evicted on Big Brother:

Q: Who is usually the first houseguest to be evicted?
A: The first eviction is always difficult to predict since anything can happen within that initial week of gameplay. However, in many seasons, it’s not uncommon for quieter or more low-key players to be targeted early on as well as those that fail challenges or make strategic errors.

Q: How do houseguests get nominated for eviction?
A: Houseguests typically get nominated by the Head of Household (HOH) who is chosen through a variety of competitions throughout the season. Additionally, once nominated for eviction they may then compete in veto competitions that give them a chance to save themselves from getting sent home.

Q: What happens during double eviction episodes?
A: Double eviction episodes are known for being fast-paced and unpredictable; essentially two people get evicted within one episode instead of just one! Attributable to this compressed timeline house guests must think quickly and choose who they want gone while also thinking about keeping their alliances intact amidst these circumstances.

Q: Who is usually considered the strongest player to make it far into competition?
A: This answer greatly depends on each individual Big Brother season but winning several head-of-household (HOH) comps doesn’t hurt your chances at being thought of as strong!


Q: What happens to evicted houseguests once they leave the game?
A: Most evicted houseguests are then sequestered until the end of the competition, so they cannot see evidence of what’s occurring outside. Then usually have sit-down interviews and reunions to look back on their time in the Big Brother House. The audience can still follow them via their social media accounts or other public appearances.

Big Brother is a thrilling experience where viewers soon become fully invested in each player’s journey, whether that means cheering for their favorites or hoping for some strategic changes. Ultimately this engaging show has yet to lose its appeal after all these years!

Top 5 Surprising Facts About Those Who Have Been Evicted on Big Brother

The reality TV show Big Brother has been a staple of our televisions for over two decades, giving us an insight into the cutthroat world of social strategy and manipulation inside a house filled with strangers. One of the most dramatic moments in each season is when someone gets evicted, leaving the housemates stunned and viewers at home horrified. However, what happens to those who have been evicted once their time in the Big Brother house comes to an end? Here are top five surprising facts about those who have been evicted on Big Brother.

1) Some Successfully Turned Their Eviction into Stardom

While being evicted from Big Brother can be a humiliating experience for many contestants, some have managed to turn this seemingly negative situation into something positive. For instance, Jade Goody from season three made headlines after her eviction due to her controversial remarks about Indian actress Shilpa Shetty during Celebrity Big Brother. This notoriety skyrocketed her into stardom and she became one of the most famous faces in British popular culture.

2) Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Being cooped up inside a house with strangers under the watchful eye of cameras 24/7 can be an incredibly claustrophobic experience. Many contestants report feelings of isolation and anxiety during their time on the show as they struggle with homesickness or battling cliques inside the house. These feelings don’t just go away once they are out of Big Brother either; some ex-contestants such as Caroline Wharrum from season 17 have spoken about developing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following their eviction.

3) A Lot Can Change Once You’re Out

Big Brother may seem like it lasts forever while you’re stuck inside that house, but once you’re out, life moves quickly! Several past contestants have reported feeling overwhelmed by how much changes in their lives once they leave the show: being scrutinized in the media, having to navigate newfound fame and opportunities while also returning to their old jobs or relationships.

4) Money, Money, Money

What happens to the prize money that contestants are competing for once they’ve left? It’s complicated! The exact terms vary depending on each year’s agreements between production companies and broadcasters. Sometimes contestants may receive a portion of the prize money even if they didn’t win. Other times, those who get evicted earliest in the competition receive smaller paychecks.

5) Returned to Their Normal Lives

Although it might be hard for some Big Brother superfans to believe, for most evictees life goes back to normal after their time on the show ends. They return home, go back to work or school and get on with their lives! But who knows: maybe we’ll see them again one day as they try their hand at another reality TV show…or finally let go of their dreams of stardom altogether!

Behind-the-Scenes of the Decision Making: Who Gets Evicted on Big Brother?

For avid fans of reality TV, one of the most anticipated moments is the eviction night on shows like Big Brother. In this game of chess played with real people, viewers get to see alliances forming, backstabbing happening and relationships being made and broken.

However, what goes on behind the scenes in determining who gets evicted from the Big Brother house can be even more intriguing than what we see on our screens. Here’s a glimpse into the decision-making process that takes place before each eviction event:

1. The Houseguests Vote

The first step in the eviction process starts with a vote by every houseguest. Each contestant casts their ballot for who they want to evict from the show. This happens in private, and no one knows how others voted until they exit the house.

2. The Head of Household (HoH) Casts Their Vote

After all houseguests have voted, it’s up to the HoH to make a final decision. The HoH occupies a position of power as they won immunity from eviction for that week and were allowed to nominate two other contestants for eviction.

3. A Tie Breaker Might Take Place

In case there’s a tie between two or more contestants when it comes down to counting votes, then someone needs to break it – this is usually done by whoever casted their vote last.

4. Production May Have Influence

While some people believe that production should have no influence over which houseguest leaves or stays within the competition, there are instances where producers might heavily hint at who would be better off leaving as far as entertainment value goes – key aspect behind good ratings and higher viewer participation rates.

5. Viewer Votes Count Too!

Did you know that sometimes Big Brother viewers can cast their own votes too? This happens when a public voting mechanism exists for each week’s evictee – meaning that if someone living outside US wants his favorite contestant not go home yet they should definitely vote starting with the first eviction night!

One thing is for sure: the decision-making process that takes place before each eviction on Big Brother can be as intricate and potentially unpredictable as the game’s famous twists and turns. Who will survive to the end? Stay tuned to find out!

Predictions and Speculations: Who Will Be Next to Be Evicted on Big Brother?

As the latest series of Big Brother enters its fifth week, speculation is rife amongst fans as to who will be next in line to face the chop. With alliances shifting faster than a game of musical chairs, it can be tough to keep up with all the ins and outs of the house politics. However, here’s our take on who we think might be facing eviction next.


Let’s start with Jackie. While she has managed to stay out of trouble so far into the competition, many feel that her time may be running out. Whilst she seems likeable enough, Jackie hasn’t really made any moves or formed any significant bonds within the house. This could leave her vulnerable when it comes to nominations.


There have been hints that a “secret” alliance led by Charlotte may be coming under threat. Her brash personality and loud mouth have rubbed some people up the wrong way and if she continues down this path, it wouldn’t be surprising if her fellow contestants choose her as their next target.


Nick’s position in the house also looks somewhat shaky after his behaviour caused friction with fellow contestant Amy earlier in the series. Although he has apologized for his actions, there are still murmurs about his sincerity- or lack thereof- which could put him at risk for eviction.


Despite surviving three nominations already so far this season, Tommy cannot afford to rest on his laurels just yet. His relatively low-key personality may work against him now that more dynamic characters are starting to get noticed by viewers- but will fellow housemates see him as expendable?

In conclusion

Of course, these predictions are based wholly on speculation and anything could happen between now and eviction night! Who knows? The next person booted from BB might come entirely from left field- as we’ve seen before in previous seasons!

No matter who ends up leaving first though, one thing is certain: viewers are sure to be left with plenty of drama and excitement to keep them glued to their screens for weeks to come.

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