Big Brother 2021: The Latest Eviction Results Revealed!

The Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Out Who Has Been Voted Off Big Brother 2021

If you’re a die-hard fan of Big Brother, then the one thing you can’t miss is finding out who has been voted off. The drama, the suspense and the thrill of each episode culminate in this final moment where we find out which houseguest’s journey comes to an end.

But how do you go about finding out who has been voted off? Fear not, as we have compiled a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through this process with ease.

Step 1: Tune in to Big Brother

The key to finding out who gets evicted from Big Brother is to first tune in to the show. This may seem obvious, but it’s essential that you watch each episode as they air live or record them for later viewing. You don’t want spoilers ruining your experience!

Step 2: Watch the Eviction Episode

The eviction episode typically airs once a week and is where we find out which houseguest will be leaving the game. Make sure to pay close attention during this episode as it sets the stage for all future terms and strategies in the game.

Step 3: Follow Social Media Scuttlebutt

As soon as an eviction occurs in Big Brother, fans take to social media platforms like Twitter or Reddit sharing their thoughts on what happened. By following BB hashtags or joining online discussion groups regarding BB friends, fans are able to get a glimpse into what others are saying about notable events from each episodes with links and insight.

Step 4: Visit Fan Websites and Online Forums

Dedicated BB sites such as DigitalSpy will often feature recaps of episodes including details on which contestant was eliminated by viewers vote nor selected by HOH (Head Of House). Dig deep here because sometimes valuable information can come back at major benefits especially when understanding strategy movement based on voting choices made by individuals within alliances or street teams .

While there’s usually widespread rumors circulating well before details starting leaking may leak or spoilers get exposed, BB fans should stay informed using digital channels while avoiding or sidelining trolls and nastiness.

In conclusion, staying up to date with the latest developments in Big Brother 2021 may require a little bit of effort on your part. With this step-by-step guide though, we are confident that you will be able to easily navigate through this exciting and unpredictable reality show. From tuning into the live episodes, to following online discussion groups and keeping up with fan sites; it’s all about staying informed and submersed in the game.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready for another season of Big Brother drama as we discover who gets voted out next!

Your Top FAQs on Who Has Been Voted Off Big Brother 2021, Answered!

Big Brother has undoubtedly become one of the most exciting and intriguing reality TV shows globally, with millions of viewers tuning in each year to see who will make it to the end. With 2021 being no exception, this season has been just as full of drama and intrigue as the previous seasons.

One of the main things that keep viewers hooked is finding out who gets voted off Big Brother each week. As we know, every houseguest will eventually be evicted and have to leave the Big Brother house – but who goes and when depends on a combination of twists, turns, alliances, strategies, and sheer luck! So here are some frequently asked questions answered for you about who has been voted off Big Brother 2021 so far:

Who was the first person voted off Big Brother 2021?

The honor of being the first houseguest sent home goes to Brandon “Frenchie” French. Frenchie played hard from day one but his strategy backfired when he made too many alliances too quickly that couldn’t all be kept.

Who was evicted second on Big Brother 2021?

In a shocking twist during week two, not one but three houseguests were put up for eviction: Brent Champagne, Whitney Williams, and Derek Xiao. However Brent was ultimately sent home after a majority vote.

Who did America vote for eviction on Big Brother 2021 this season?

America’s votes tend to matter since they get an extra benefit whilst living in the big brother house; last year featured America’s favorite player given them $25k at final which was won by Da’Vonne Rogers.
This season had America vote for their favourite teams hence risked sending players home before getting into jury thus ensuring their team remained intact.

Which houseguest has been evicted most recently in BB23?

Most recently ,Kyland Young won Head Of House Hold (HOH), got Claire Rehfuss nominated as pawns against his main target Tiffany Mitchell. Kyland’s side of the house won Veto and proceeded to ensure Tiffany went home who departed during double eviction.

Who are the top contenders to win Big Brother 2021?

As with any season, there is no one answer as to who will come out on top in Big Brother 2021. Some of the most exciting and strategic players this season include Derrick Fraiser, Xavier Prather, and Tiffany Mitchell — all playing various gameplay styles to get ahead.

That wraps up some of the biggest questions about who has been voted off so far in Big Brother 2021. But as we know with this show, many twists and turns are still yet to come, so tune in every week for more excitement and big moves!

Breaking Down How and Why Each Houseguest Was Voted Off Big Brother 2021

Big Brother 2021 has been a season full of drama, suspense, and unexpected twists. This season saw a diverse group of houseguests enter the iconic Big Brother house with their eyes set on the grand prize. However, as the weeks went by, alliances were formed and broken, secrets were unveiled, and unexpected rivalries emerged.

Week 1: Travis Long

Travis Long was the first houseguest to be evicted from the Big Brother 2021 house. His eviction came as a shock to many fans who expected him to make it further in the game. Despite his good looks and charming personality, Travis failed to build significant alliances in the early stages of the game. He found himself on the wrong side of things when his closest ally Kyland Young decided to join forces with other players in the game.

Week 2: Frenchie Cloud

Frenchie Cloud came into Big Brother 2021 guns blazing. The self-proclaimed “King” of BB23 made waves right out of the gate when he nominated four people for eviction during his Head-of-Household reign week one. While Frenchie’s gameplay seemed unpredictable and chaotic at times, it was ultimately this approach that led to his downfall in week two.

Despite trying hard to win over his fellow houseguests after losing his Head-of-Household crown, Frenchie failed to secure enough votes for him to survive eviction night.

Week 3: Brent Champagne

Brent Champagne had potential early on in his run on Big Brother 2021 thanks to his physical capabilities and social charm. However, Brent eventually became too confident in his position within various alliances within the house – arrogance which ultimately led him to being put up for nomination.

Despite attempts to shift the target off himself, Brent fell victim to a plan implemented by Britini D’Angelo and Tiffany Mitchell to convince others of his position as a threat in the game, resulting in his eviction on week three.

Week 4: Whitney Williams

Whitney Williams was seen as the lesser of two evils when she was nominated for eviction alongside Hannah Chaddha. However, during her final plea to remain in the house, Whitney played into prejudices which soured some of her former allies against her.

The house ultimately chose to vote Whitney out instead of Hannah mainly because they thought she had a stronger chance at winning competitions down the line. As such, Whitney became the fourth houseguest evicted from Big Brother 2021.

Week 5: Xavier Prather

Xavier Prather’s game came crashing down on week five after being nominated for eviction by Head-of-Household Christian Birkenberger. Despite appearing calm and collected throughout his time in the house, Xavier’s behind-the-scenes scheming eventually caught up with him when members of The Cookout began turning against him.

Ultimately Xaver became a victim of circumstances beyond his control but left with some genuine bonds compared to previous evictees.

Week 6: Christian Birkenberger

Christian Birkenberger enjoyed weeks at this point where he was firmly entrenched with power within multiple alliances that seemingly protected him from nomination. Unfortunately for Christian, those who seek power often lose or are dethroned from it as quickly as one gains it.

During week six Head-of-Household competition would seal his fate coming third in “The Jokers Wild” competition ultimately leading to Alyssa Lopez also falling onto the block which led other players to see him purely as a physical threat compared to someone more likable gameplay-wise like Alyssa resulting several weeks worth of resentments boiling over and seeing Christian’s removal from BB23.

In Conclusion

Each houseguest’s eviction was due to different factors throughout the season of Big Brother 2021. From failing to solidify alliances early on, overplaying their hand or even playing right into prejudices unknowingly causing rifts with others being nominated and eventually voted out by their housemates.

Whether it be due to mistakes in strategy or being targeted by other players, the game of Big Brother is not for the faint of heart. As we move towards the back half of the season, it will be interesting to see how these evictions will take effect on future dynamics within the house moving forward until we find out who wins $750,000 prize fund for Season 23.

Who’s Next? Predictions for the Next Cast Member to Be Voted Off Big Brother 2021

As the days tick on and the pressure mounts, Big Brother 2021 is becoming increasingly unpredictable. With twists and turns around every corner, it’s anyone’s guess who will be next to bite the dust in the reality TV juggernaut.

But as always, there are a few contenders that seem more likely than others to meet their untimely end. So without further ado, let’s dive into some predictions for who might be next on the chopping block.

First up is Xavier. While he initially seemed like a force to be reckoned with in the early days of the game, his star has been slowly dimming over recent weeks. Despite winning a crucial Power of Veto competition, he isn’t making any big moves or establishing himself as a key player in alliances. This lack of forward momentum could spell disaster for him sooner rather than later.

Next on our list is Sarah Beth. Though she may not have made many waves so far this season (aside from her hotly-debated partnership with Kyland), she hasn’t exactly cemented herself as an essential member of any major alliances either. This puts her at risk of being seen as expendable by other players and potentially targeted for elimination.

Coming in at number three is Derek X. While he has had several strategic wins under his belt thus far, including some impressive competition victories, there are rumblings that he may have overstayed his welcome with certain houseguests already wary of his perceived threat level.

And finally, we have Britini rounding things out at number four. Despite being well-liked by many players in the house, her loyalties haven’t always been entirely clear-cut – which could make her an easy target if push comes to shove.

Of course, these predictions should be taken with a grain of salt; anything can happen in Big Brother! But one thing is for sure: as we approach yet another dramatic eviction episode, tensions will continue to run high and no one is entirely safe. Stay tuned to see who winds up on the chopping block next – it’s sure to be a thrilling ride.

The Shocking Eliminations: Top 5 Facts About Who Has Been Voted Off Big Brother 2021

As a fan of reality TV shows, it’s always an electrifying experience to watch Big Brother, one of the most popular competitions on television. From week to week, the excitement builds with each elimination that takes place. But, in Big Brother 2021, we’ve seen some particularly shocking eliminations that have left even the most seasoned fans reeling.

Here are the top five facts about who has been voted off Big Brother 2021:

#1 – Frenchie was Kicked Off Early

When Frenchie first entered the Big Brother house, he came out swinging as a lovable country boy who was ready to compete. However, his quick start burned out almost as quickly as it began. With his heavy-handed gameplay and controversial statements inside and outside of the house, Frenchie wore out his welcome quickly with both viewers and fellow castmates alike.

It wasn’t long before our expectations were met when Frenchie found himself voted off within only two weeks of entering the game.

#2 – Whitney Blows Up Her Own Game

Whitney Williams is a Big Brother veteran: she had previously competed in Survivor three times. So many fans thought she would know how to play this game smartly.

However, Whitney’s insistence on striking secret deals soon caught up with her – endangering not just herself but also her own alliance members going into Week Four – ultimately leading to her swift eviction from the show.

#3 – Jealousy Became Britini’s Undoing

Throughout Britni D’Angelo’s time inside the house,Glass House fans started rooting for her because of how easygoing but opinionated she is. She played honestly and didn’t throw anyone underthe bus or form any shady alliances.. But unfortunately for Britini, despite not having made any explicit enemies amongst her fellow contestants –her lack of over-the-top strategic maneuvering contributed to her downfall.

#4 – Travis Dives Too Deep, Doesn’t Float

Travis Long got evicted in week two through no fault of his own. He proved himself to be quite athletic and charismatic, but his game imploded when he decided to make a bold move by going against the house’smost significant voting block.

Unfortunately for him, it was just too big a chance to take-and in the end, it succeeded in sealing his fate.

#5 – Derek X Becomes A Victim Of Nominee Roulette

Derek Xiaoyu is a fan-favorite who won everyone over with his charm and good natured personality- something that even extended outsidethe Big Brother house as he became known for being an all-around good person.

Despite this popularity though,the fickle finger of nomination roulette caught up with him- eventually leading to an unexpected and heart-wrenching eliminationin Week 7.


So there you have it! These are just some of the top five facts about those who got voted off Big Brother 2021. As we continue to witness this ongoing drama unfold, one thing is for sure: expect more shocks and surprises along the way. It’s what keeps us coming back for more after all.

From Early Exits to Surprising Twists: The Full List of Who has been voted off on big brother season 23.

As the iconic reality TV show Big Brother enters its 23rd season, fans around the world are once again glued to their screens, eagerly anticipating who will make it through the twists, turns and strategic alliances to emerge victorious.

One of the most significant moments of each season is when a contestant is voted off the show. For some, it’s a devastating blow that sends them spiraling into tears and disappointment. For others, being voted off can be a relief from the pressure cooker atmosphere of living in close quarters with strangers for weeks on end.

So far, there have been several early exits this season that caught fans by surprise. One of the first contestants to go was Travis Long, whose cheerful demeanor made him an instant fan favorite. However, he struggled to build strong ties with his fellow housemates and ultimately fell victim to their alliances.

Another shock came when Frenchie (aka Brandon French) was eliminated after just two weeks. Frenchie was one of the most entertaining players in the house, with his over-the-top personality and unpredictable strategy constantly keeping viewers on edge. However, his erratic behavior led many of his fellow contestants to lose faith in him and vote him off.

As the competition has progressed, we’ve also seen some unexpected twists that have led to some surprising contestants getting kicked off. One example is Brent Champagne’s elimination in week four—a move that shocked even his own allies! Brent had seemed like a solid player up until this point but ultimately proved too threatening for other members of the house.

Other notable exits include Derek Xiao’s shocking eviction in week six—once considered a strong contender for winning—and Britini D’Angelo’s departure during double-elimination night after her alliance crumbled beneath her feet.

As always, Big Brother continues to keep viewers engaged with its combination of unpredictable events and strategic gameplay. With plenty more surprises yet to come before we find out who emerges as champion at the end of the season, fans can bet that there will be plenty more twists, turns, and unexpected eliminations to come!

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