Are April Dowling & Bryan Ollie still together dating?

Are April and Ollie still together?

So basically April and Ollie got involved with each other during the Big Brother 10 reality show. Ollie, shaped by a stringent Pentecostal upbringing, abstained from indulging in vices like alcohol, smoking, and profanity. Remarkably, these principles didn’t dim his spirits as he embraced the vivacity of the show. Fate led him to a connection with fellow houseguest April, and despite their disparate backgrounds, their bond flourished. The heady days within the Big Brother house solidified their relationship. However, the ephemeral nature of such connections was evident when April was evicted after 45 days, soon followed by Ollie’s departure just two weeks later, with both finding themselves pitted against Jerry MacDonald on the nomination block.


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Amidst grand intentions of pursuing their connection beyond the confines of the Big Brother realm, the reality of life outside those walls proved a formidable adversary. Alas, the fairytale ended as quickly as it had ignited. Neither party disclosed the precise catalyst for their parting, though the challenges of nurturing a fledgling relationship under the spotlight’s glare certainly played a part. Their geographical separation—April returning to Arizona and Ollie to his Minnesota home—perhaps dealt a blow to their aspirations. The intricacies of the real world apparently surpassed the hurdles they encountered within the show’s contrived environment.

Today, the tableau has shifted. Ollie’s narrative now includes a devoted marriage and two children, a tableau he generously shares on his Instagram profile. The portraits he paints offer glimpses into his current life and ventures. Meanwhile, April’s story intertwines with her husband Ryan Cruise, and their own duo of children, sons Easton and Wyatt. It’s worth noting that their showmance ended around six months after the curtain fell on Big Brother 10. The pressures of existence beyond the gaze of cameras, an existence marked by its nuanced complexities, conceivably diverged from the simpler, contained world they navigated together on screen.

Why the storybook allure they cultivated amidst the show’s manufactured backdrop unraveled is a query as elusive as the wisps of reality TV itself. The magnetic attraction sparked in the house was a testament to the combustible energies of shared experiences. Yet, as reality has shown, many relationships kindled within the Big Brother milieu have persisted, transcending the trials of time. Unfortunately, April and Ollie’s union couldn’t resist the wear and tear that reality imposed upon it. In the grand tapestry of showmances and breakups, theirs occupies a fleeting but indelible corner.

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