Another PROBLEMATIC Gachatuber?!

Mimimug just put out a video on very problematic gachatubers.Β  Can you name a few of them off the top of your head right now?

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote some articles on Hatsumi Rou and Otama. Well Mimimug has a new twist on the issue with a new trendy gacha video. The video is titled “pov: another problematic gachatuber” and features Ryx/Eren, Bugga/ZombiPawz ,Hatsumi Rou, Nehema Rahman etc.

Sound used was “What the World Needs”, for all of you interested.

The Gachatuber then goes on to comment “These are all disgusting and horrible people. \\ Not to stir up drama I just thought my viewers would like it !! Pls don’t flop 😭😭”


Who are the most problematic gachatubers you know? Or should we just make a list?

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