Get Ready for Akwaboah’s Unveiling of the Highly Anticipated Lighthouse Album!

Akwaboah, the celebrated figure in the realm of Highlife music, is kick-starting a string of promotional events to herald the upcoming launch of his highly awaited Lighthouse album, scheduled for next month. Marking the commencement of this series is the unveiling of an animated cover art for the album.

The Lighthouse album by Akwaboah follows the trail of his lauded Matters of Heart album, which hit the scene in 2018, and the subsequent release of the Lighthouse EP in December 2021.


As per the artist, the project was momentarily put on hold to allow for the proper observance of the funeral rites for his late father, Kwadwo Akwaboah.

Comprising 11 tracks, the Lighthouse Album positions Akwaboah as a musical virtuoso, embodying the trifecta of musical prowess as a Singer-Songwriter, Performer, and Producer.

With this album, Akwaboah aims to establish himself as the guiding beacon of Ghanaian music, transcending genres such as Afro fusion, Afrobeat, and even Reggae, while ensuring that his core fan base, enamored with his love ballads, remains an integral part of the album’s fabric.

The very title ‘Lighthouse’ serves as a metaphor, symbolizing the essence of Akwaboah as both a brand and a musician. Just as a lighthouse offers direction and solace to the lost at sea, Akwaboah’s music stands as a guiding light, leading listeners to the shores of authentic and soul-stirring compositions.

Furthermore, the longevity of his music echoes the resilience of a Lighthouse, with some structures having withstood the test of time, much like his timeless musical creations.

The highly anticipated Lighthouse album is slated for release in November 2023.

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