7 Years Old Gachatubers VS 17 Years Old Gachatubers

What do you think are some differences between older and younger Gachtubers. Lets say in this instance 7 year old gachatubers vs 17 year old gachatubers in this case as used by Wise Fox in one of his videos.

Which is more annoying and which group do you fall under?

Which Gacha app do you use?

7 year old: Umm Gacha life is easier to use.. but i am learning gacha club more and more. I am so excited to learn more!

17 year old: Uh! I already know how to use Gacha club to its extend. So i am making hacks or whatever.

How much do you enjoy Gacha?

7 year old: I love Gacha so much. Gacha literally saved me from boredom. I cant imagine my life without Gacha anymore

17 year old: I dont ENJOY!

What’s your opinion on Gacha heat??

7 year old: Gacha heat is so bad. It shouldn’t exist. i don’t know why people make them,. They are really bad

17 year old: I just ignore them!

Do you love your OC?

7 year old: Yes! I love my OC. My OCs ARE LIKE my best friend. I love hanging with them so much

17 year old: Well i do have a main OC. I use the other ones to make videos and delete them whenEVER i need to replace them.

7 year old: Bro you grown ups are so CRUEL!

😂😂😂😂😂 hOPE you had a good laugh 😂😂😂😂😂


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